Thursday, September 30, 2004

On the way to school...

The backseat can be kinda funny.

The 10 year old on Carrie:
"He's like the wind when it goes back & forth & back & forth."

The 8 year old on Carrie:
"He could use an eyebrow wax. But I'm not sure he should be running for president."

Don't know where she got that but the spouse & I must be doing okay.

My dog ate one...

On the morning walk she picked up the live bird in her mouth, but I freaked & made her put it down. I didn't even know what the hell she had til I heard it squawking or screeching or whatever the hell.

On the afternoon walk the godforsaken thing was dead & she ate it before I could stop her.

Kept a vigil waiting for the vomit carcass to show up but it never did.

Fuckin' birds.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Phantom Allies...

I've been reading so much about the VRWC, that it leads me to wonder why they doth protest so much. What are they deflecting? Could it be that they have a conspiracy of their own?

I am not sure that I should call what I am thinking about a conspiracy, perhaps merely an insidious lack of peripheral vision and awareness. I have long been incensed by the derisive references of the left wing candidate to our coalition in Iraq. We do have allies there, other nations did agree with our decision, and of those that chose not to participate, it was because to do so was not in their best national interests.

I can not help but believe that it is utterly insulting and belittling to state that the nations who are standing with us either don't exist, or are not as important as the nations that chose not to stand.

So who are these allies that Carrie claims he will be able to court? Does he think the Ichabod Crane thing will somehow be more appealing to nations not involved in our current coalition in Iraq? Or are there some secret deals he's attempting to make, some hook up? Cause this is not a run for homecoming king, it's not personal. It's business.

I, for one, would like to know where & from whom the international support that Carrie claims he can get if elected is to come. If, as he claims, he can garner more international support for US efforts to combat terrorism than W, then I would like to know who he has been talking to and apparently getting promises from. I do not feel that, as a senator, he should be negotiating foriegn policies or alliances.

So, which is it? Is JFKerry engaged in a large scale contest for homecoming or prom king, or is he secretly setting up future alliances, or is he blowing smoke up the ass of everyone in America by making bold claims that he can not support?


I fucking hate birds, too.

Had a cat once that tortured & killed birds that flew down our chimney or landed in our yard- there'd be feathers everywhere, a beak somewhere & the cat'd sleep for 20 hours straight.

I gotta admit, I'd have a grim feeling of satisfaction as I'd yell for spouse to clean the damn dead bird mess off the carpet. I hate birds.

They're dirty, they're disgusting, they shit midair, they peck, and if they're geese, they run too damn close to my toddling 2 year old who's holding a crust of bread. Get the fuck away from my baby, you stuffed fucking poultry.

So, there's another thing that I've found to relate to on A Small Victory. She hates birds almost as much as I do.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Why I hate them...

It is their own fault.

Driving to work after dropping off my kids at school is a friggin mine field of baseless whining. People with Free Palestine signs. The guy with the inscrutable message- 3 huge flags, one a UN flag with a line drawn through it. I'd ask him about it if I cared. Graffiti in two different places said 're-defeat Bush.' WTF is that about? Is that what all their whining is about? They are still smarting because the so-called heir apparent couldn't put together a strong enough campaign to win the electoral vote outright 4 fucking years ago?

Let it go. It's over.

9/11 happened & they can't handle it. They are so freaked by it that they are hitching their wagons to a pony that doesn't know where the fuck it's going. (To use an analogy that might work in TX.) And they have the audacity to act superior to me- to all of us- about their lame ass choice. I got news: J.Fing Karny is not going to save the world. He can't even find the Senate chamber where his committee meetings are held half the time. He has so little grasp of his own doctrine (for want of a better word), that he is incapable of maintaining a consistent message on any given topic. In a court of law he'd have hung himself months ago.

His fans must have utterly selective hearing, only tuning in when he is saying what they want to hear him say- what fits their "the white house shoulda been ours" rhetoric. He has said nothing innovative, nothing original, hell, he hasn't even said anything that our current administration hasn't already been doing.

And where the hell is this better plan that they keep yapping about? If it really exists, I haven't seen it.

What offends me the most, besides the tooth grindingly irritating ceaseless whining, is their superior damned attitude. I don't understand how otherwise (supposedly) reasonable people can get so worked up defending a candidate like that. They spend so much energy on that, then in the next breath lay out the anybody but Bush bullshit. Don't they hear themselves? A screaming fuckin monkey would be a better choice to them, but we are supposed to somehow agree with them that JFCarrie is actually viable.

Beyond the fact that the Democratic party has lost sight of itself & is choking on its own rhetoric, beyond the fact that I completely resent a political view that assumes their government knows better than I what is best for me & my family,
I am offended by their refusal to recognize that they have no coherent foreign policy at a time when that is the one thing that we need. It ain't easy, it ain't pretty, and it damn sure ain't always friendly- but it is vitally necessary. And the sooner these pain-in-the-ass crybabies realize that, the better for me & mine.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Jung, Myers-Briggs & work...

Staff retreat today. Not sure what the point of the personality type survey was, kinda thought it was a waste of time. The questions were too personal. That's between me, my therapist & the poor saps behind me on line at the grocery.

Friday, September 24, 2004

"Green trumps black"

This from Thomas Sowell at Townhall is just what I've been saying about MN (to the poor hapless fools on line behind me at the grocery).

Among the many luxuries that wealth can buy is insulation from reality -- the most dangerous luxury of all. Another dangerous luxury is a sense of being one of the wonderfully special people with superior wisdom and virtue. Environmental extremism flourishes among those who can afford both luxuries.

"Smart growth" means Sara ain't gettin her 40 acres if they have anything to say about it. Which they do.

Did you know that people in the wealthy San Francisco suburb of Sausalito own 80,000 acres of land in Kenya? They are setting it aside as a nature preserve, in order to keep poor people in Kenya from hunting animals for food on those 80,000 acres.

Whites, or greenies in this case, always did know what was best for blacks.

It's not a racial thing. The green zealots would stop anybody from doing anything they don't approve of. They talk grandly about "protecting" this, "preserving" that, or "saving" something else.

Not a racial thing? Damn, I thought I was special.

Token in the white house?

I apologize for blatantly cutting and pasting from Veruka, but this was just too damn much...

John Kerry on the Second Amendment.

- I would rather be the candidate of the NAACP than the NRA.

We all saw the picture of you holding a rifle, thats ok the NAACP can keep you

If that's all they got, we's in bigger trouble than I thought.

John Kerry on music

- I'm fascinated by rap and by hip-hop. I think there's a lot of poetry in it. There's a lot of anger, a lot of social energy in it. And I think you'd better listen to it pretty carefully, 'cause it's important.

Nigga, please.

John Kerry on race relations.

- President Clinton was often known as the first black president. I wouldn't be upset if I could earn the right to be the second.

He's on his way with the no foreign policy, no domestic policy, gladhanding bullshit. He still needs some fried chicken & a(nother) fat white chick, though.

All I gotta say is, get off my side.

And he is qualified for what exactly?

MN Democratic Sen. Mark Dayton credentials as follows:

Investment company president; runaway youth home director; congressional and gubernatorial aide; social worker; science teacher

Somehow that background, plus a '69 Yale bachelors in Psychology (no graduate degree or studies) qualifies him to assess foreign leaders' ability to govern.

Sen. Mark Dayton, D-Minn., plans to boycott Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's appearance before Congress today.


Dayton described Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's appearance before Congress today as "a production" staged by the Bush administration and said that Allawi "ought to be over there running his country." [emphasis mine]

Who the hell does this science teacher think he is? This bug-eyed, sweaty jackass needs to go back to the lab & learn some freaking manners.
Right, wrong, or indifferent, Allawi put himself in the crosshairs by stepping up as an appointed interim prime minister in a hell hole & at least deserves a polite ear from a two-bit silver-spoon wannabe.

Thursday, September 23, 2004


CBS fined $550,000 for Janet Jackson's Super Bowl show

What they need to do is pay me for having to see that thing flop down like that. I don't begrudge a woman her natural breast tissue, but tighten up the skin or for the love of God keep the bra on.

Let this be the end of that story. Bad enough it ruined a good game.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Ya gotta admit, the guy's got balls...

Stillwater biker tagged going 205 mph

This may be no big deal in areas where people drive like they've actually got somewhere to go, but in MN it makes all the news outlets. All of them.

The danger, Loney said, is that Tilley could have hit a pothole or roadkill.

Frog, turtle, or snake most likely.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Electoral denial...

My phrase of the day. Hell, the week. As I battle near constant indigestion, (You should hear the conversations around my water cooler. I may have to call in sick.), a little light reading seems to slow the roll, so to speak.

Having long felt that the Dem party was in decline and was clearly a party that was flailing about looking for both a platform and a leader, I am loving finding so many learned folks who can tell it. This piece from Opinion Journal (WSJ) tells it well.

Not to open old wounds, but the death of Paul Wellstone revealed how much the party (at least in MN) was not just leaning but actively veering left. Apart from the tragic loss of most of a family in an avoidable plane crash, I actually found myself feeling sorry for Dems then. "Now who will they cling to with a grim, cheerless determination," I thought, "until everyone in the state who has is paying out their ass for everyone in the state who hasn't to have too?"

It is a party that would have me single, pregnant with my 8th kid, on welfare & dumb as a post. As long as I need them, they have a reason to exist.

Thank you, but no.

Images and empathy...

That's just it for me. In even hearing about another beheading, in seeing a seemingly calm, composed wife speaking on behalf of her husbands life, in knowing tens of thousands share my dismay- I still see in my mind's eye my own spouse.

And with that empathy comes anger. Bitter, caustic anger. How dare they? How dare they in the name of their god lay hands on another human being? How can they possibly believe that their god will reward them for these monstrous acts?

And, oh, the anger goes on. I feel it toward people here, even some of my own acquaintances, who refuse to hold the monsters with the machetes responsible.
They naively think that ignoring the problems in the middle east (or as I see it, allowing them to fester) will mean they can go on indefinately living their narrow, unrealistic lives uninterrupted.

Well guess what? We've been fucking interrupted. We've been fucking interrupted time and time again, but this last time we had people who realized it in the position to do something about it.

I'm with Veruka and A Small Victory. I don't need to see nor show the video or stills. I don't need to see my husband die in my mind's eye. And I don't need to see the sick, misled, fucks who did it until I see them in their graves.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Poppers wheatbag...

=pompous windbag and we all know who the poppers wheatbag is.

[W]hen John McCain sternly warns the swift boat veterans of ''reopening the wounds of Vietnam,'' it's worth asking: Why is Vietnam a ''wound'' and why won't it heal? The answer: ...because it was a national trauma. And whose fault is that?
[I]f you had to [pin it all on one person], Lt. John F. Kerry would stand a better shot at taking the solo trophy than almost anyone... Today Sen. Kerry says he's proud of his anti-war activism, but that's not what it was. [T]here's simply no precedent for what John Kerry did: a man who put his combat credentials to the service of smearing his country's entire armed forces (emphasis mine) as rapists, decapitators and baby killers. That's the ''wound[.]'' That's why a crummy little war on the other side of the world still festers. Because Kerry didn't just call for U.S. withdrawal, he impugned the honor of every man he served with.

And this is the man who we should elect because of his "honorable" service to our nation.

Indeed, the only specific example of a U.S. war criminal that Kerry gave was himself. As he said on ''Meet The Press'' in April 1971, ''Yes, I committed the same kind of atrocities as thousands of other soldiers have committed in that I took part in shootings in free fire zones. I used 50-caliber machineguns, which we were granted and ordered to use.''

That is honor? Perhaps I could respect him somewhat for admitting just his crimes, but how could he possibly know that thousands of others who served there did the same? How could he know that? And according to my understanding of his 1971 testimony before congress, he blamed the government that sent men to Vietnam for the atrocities he claimed they all committed there. So location & circumstance are all it takes to turn otherwise law-abiding and moral persons into sadistic monsters.

Check out the column by Mark Steyn of the Chicago SunTimes in its entirety & unedited by me.

Thank you, Feste.

As for poppers wheatbag's "reporting for duty," please do not bring it up if you can't back it up. You are no more fit for command than I am.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

An unpleasant, elitist bitch...

and most likely, a huge liability. Mrs. Heinz Kerry has none of the appeal of a potential first lady- she doesn't even draw respect- like Sen. Clinton who may not have been likable, but did command a kind of respect in some circles.
Combining a plodding, off-putting affect, an ambiguous-at-best voting record, a career as a legislator not a leader, and an unattractively loud mouth shrew of a wife does not make for an appealing first couple.

Friday, September 17, 2004


First of all, I don't care if Daddy Parlock shows up at every DNC, liberal, alt, fringe, who-the-hell-knows-what-they-stand-for rally in whatever tri-state area he chooses with any or all of his kids and an opposite-whatever-the-cause-of -the-day-is sign. He absolutely has that right. Here, in America, he has the right to raise his children as he pleases and to expose them to whatever crowd he pleases (of course, within the boundaries of our law).

Secondly, where tf does anyone get off making a baby cry by being grown and stealing her sign & then tearing it up in her little face? Why is it okay for kerrykampers to assault grieving families, and this man can't teach his children what it means to exercise their right to free speech?

This brings to mind the librarian, oh excuse me, media specialist, who confused and upset my then 2nd grade daughter when he told her class that our Republican gov was bad because said gov would not raise taxes!!! And oh, yes, I did call the guy out. Something along the lines of it not being appropriate for the librariass to inundate a class of impressionable little kids with his personal political opinions. (And not just because they were the exact damn opposite of mine.) I held back cause I didn't think it appropriate for me to break my foot off in the guy's ass so soon into the school year.

And do you know what that chickenshit did? He called me back and actually tried to justify what he'd said!! WTF?? They were 2nd graders! (I'm getting resteamed just writing about this- I am so sick of these self righteous liberal fucks acting like they are the shit & their opinions are the only ones that matter.)
I will go off on public education in general another time.

We made a plan...

my spouse & I. After 9/11, I, as did likely everyone, needed the reassurance of knowing that a plan was in place. I've revisited that need in my mind since reading this post by Gerard VanDerLeun. His poignant efforts to reconcile his feelings about the visual images of the Beslan massacre brought up many of the feelings of discord that I have struggled with since I spent that morning weeping in my robe.

We have a child who lives almost 40 miles and one big muddy river away from us. Why he's so far is for another post. My spouse and I decided that I would gather the girls and keep them at home- he'd check on us & then go to get our son. Come hell or high water, even if he couldn't get back home, he'd get to our son.

The images, and reading of such a vivid response to them, has caused me to (again) access my deepest fear as a parent: that I will not be there when my children need me most- while they are still children.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

I stumbled into an anti-abortion rally...

last spring when driving my girls to a birthday party. Why is it a given that if you are a liberal democrat you are also pro-choice? And why is it assumed that if you are a conservative republican you are also pro-life? Is this extremism? And is there any room for nuance?

I guess my thinking is, go ahead & scrape your baby out if you want to. Just freaking admit that that is what you are doing. It's not "reproductive choice." It's scraping your baby out after it is already on its way to infancy. People do bad things to kids. It just seems especially cruel to do something so bad when you're the mom & the kid is so vulnerable.

How George helped me...

after 9/11... I was horrified that a plane had hit the Pentagon. I called my spouse at work, stopped just short of asking him to come home, and tried to get some perspective. I was worried about the president. I felt that if they managed to hurt, or God f***ing forbid, kill, the president then all hell really would have broken loose.

Later, when the president spoke, calmly, reassuringly, and with resolve- I silently thanked God that we had someone that some considered a zealot in the White House. I knew that there was a moral foundation from which he made his choices, and that belief system would guide him now- I wouldn't have to worry about whims or the swayings of a shocked nation. He wouldn't say what he thought people wanted him to say- he would do what he believed needed to be done.

That, to me, was and is true leadership- an ability and willingness to say what needs to be said and to then follow up and do what needs to be done.

Most of them were democrats...

many were propped up by some social program or another, and several had done time. I refer to the extended family tribe from the blacks n jews post. My dad used to be a republican til they got a hold of him. A pity. He'd worked so hard to achieve the American dream of white, semi-affluent suburbia for us & threw it all away after the divorce for a run at an urban city council seat.

An ugly reality of many of my urban kin is that they do not feel they have to work. For them, welfare is their work. There is an unpleasant entitlement that many urban poor have- the gov't owes me- it matters not to them that others with the same background, intellect, and potential work, pay taxes, and otherwise contribute to a functioning society. The very society in which they live. I've no idea what any of this has to do with their likely pervasive mistrust and/or hatred of Jews. Perhaps my propped up kin felt that Jews were somehow getting more than they deserved.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


because I am not savvy, smart, or literate enough to figure out how to add a list of my favorite blogs to my sidebar. Damn, I wish I'd paid attention.
Chris and Veruka- & I've got my eye on some others.

Here's my 9/11 story...

Put the kids outside for the bus. I'd always stand on the porch or in the doorway til they were out of sight, sometimes they'd grace the neighborhood with a song. (around then it was Uncle Kracker, I think. Whatever.)
The bus seemed a bit late & they yelled to me to check the time. I turned on the TV to see what time would pop up & saw the image of a highrise burning with a confused, unsure sounding voiceover basically saying they didn't know yet what had happened. I yelled the time to the kids, the bus came & I stood there in a bathrobe for hours, much of the time with my hand over my mouth. (That's how midwesterners convey surprise, shock, or horror.)
At some point, I started to cry.

Recently, the girls wanted to watch that Disney channel movie about the aircraft carrier with relatives on board during 9/11. When the movie replayed some 9/11 video, I told my girls that I'd come damn close to picking them up from school that day. My youngest, with a detectably snotty tone, asked why. I said that I hadn't known what was happening or how bad it was going to get & that I'd wanted my children close to me under those circumstances. She eye-rolled me, made the " " sign with her fingers & said (totally snotty, dripping with sarcasm) "Mo-om, New York." Emphasis hers.
Honestly, I have no idea where she gets her attitudes from.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Blacks n Jews

Growing up, I had a sense that my family (extended & of origin) did not care for Jews. Hate is probably too strong a word for it, since I honestly can't recall hearing any outspoken opinions one way or the other.
I've tried, over the years, to figure it out. I am coming to the conclusion that, for me, it is Israel. More specifically, the US bankrolling & propping up of Israel, while remaining basically a barely interested observer of conflicts between or situations within black or African regions*.
Social programs available in the States, theoretically designed to "level the playing field" for blacks here are not the same thing, in my mind. Liberia didn't exactly cut it, either.
Call it childish, but I think it boils down to a hey- that's not fair! He got more than me!! issue. Or something like that.

*Mogadishu- a situation that would have served the citizenry better had it remained a humanitarian effort. Just protect the food- don't try to mix it up if you don't have a plan. That just made things worse, I think.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Well organized, thoughtful...

and f***ing funny, sometimes. Dangerous logic (Chris) and his cast of dozens are also on my (still short) list of favorites. Yeah, I'm late to that party. Don't blame me. Blame society.

My issue with racists...

I don't really have one. Sure, they piss me off when they decide to organize & hold rallies that hold up traffic & make me late while my ice cream melts & the steaks grow bacteria, but the one-off racist who sits home & yells epithets at the local news doesn't bother me. They stay the hell out of my face, then I stay the hell out of theirs.
It's the ones who don't know they are racists- they are the most dangerous ones. There is something wholly devastating about "help" that infantilizes and marginalizes grown men and women. I feel that it is "racist" to assume that an ethnic group as a whole will fail if not propped up by endless ill-defined "help." Yes, some will fail. But those who succeed will do so on their own merits, which, I feel, is vital to the long term success and stability of the ethnic group in a society.
Federal programs that (seem to) service disproportionately large numbers of racial minorities, and are fed by an insidious societal guilt, both engender racial tensions, but also encourage chronic dependency. I have long felt that the time has come for ethnic minorities, of which I am one, to stand up, survive, and succeed. At least try.

Friday, September 10, 2004

The uterus... the most important organ in a woman's body. That is close to the title of the essay I am going to write someday when I get my shit together. (the road to hell is paved with that statement for sure)
Anyway, I am disheartened that rather than elevate the status of women for their unique, feminine qualities, the modern feminist movement seems to have devalued men for their unique, masculine qualities. Instead of teaching girls & women to value themselves as female individuals, it teaches them to value themselves as males- or by that scale, at least.
I have daughters, and one son. I do not care to deny my son's inherent value just to keep my daughters from feeling left out or left behind. While I see at least one of my daughters becoming a ceo who makes Trump & Helmsley look like wusses, and the other as Surgeon General one day, I am also trying to teach them that their potential to multitask, as well as bear children, nuture them, and empathize also make them valuable- not that they can do exactly what men do. Maybe they can, but so what? So can a million guys.
I want my daughters to know their value as women, not as men with better looking genitalia. (No offense, son.)

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Dead babies in Darfur...

...and Beslan, and OK-fucking-City, for that matter. Why do these murderous freaks think that killing babies is the way to advance their deranged causes? Even causes that at some point may have made a kind of sense no longer deserve a hearing once the blood of babies is poured all over them.
While I do not believe that children are inherently entitled to be safe or healthy, I definately pray for that for all children- I want that for all children. I do not accept the insane notion that children should be targeted to further a political cause. I suppose the death-wish freaks somehow know that without the notariety they get from bathing in babies' blood, their deaths for their causes would just be bloody blips on the radar & return to the obscurity from which they came.

Monday, September 06, 2004

The massacre of children in Russia...

I have trouble with imagery. Certain visuals & even written descriptions freak me out, sometimes to the point of interfereing with daily activities.
The situation in Russia had all the potential to do just that. As freaked out as I potentially was/am, I am even more angry.
What do these so-called separatists think is going to happen? By targeting children, their moms, grandmas, and teachers, the Russian government is going to end all activity in the region & just let it go? That is highly unlikely.
I am horrified by the thought of children suffering in sweltering heat, in a place that should be safe, denied water, forced to soil themselves, terrorized by being forced to witness murder, their very lives threatened.
I do not blame the Russian government for the tragic results of that takeover- based on what I have read the terrorist fucks who did this wanted to die and they wanted to break the will of their "enemies" by taking the children with them. Sick fucks.
Go ahead and kill yourself if you want, but leave other people's kids out of it.
Allahu akbar, my ass. God may very well be great, but this is one hell of a way to demonstrate that.

Friday, September 03, 2004

A better, busy night...

The spouse & I are back on the same page.
Busy night, watching two games & George's speech all at the same time. Tivo my ass.
Thought he did a great job (what I saw of it) even turned a few tricky phrases without so much as a stutter. Very articulate.
The two games were another story- one nice win, 7 shut out innings; one typical loss- the d needs work.