Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Electoral denial...

My phrase of the day. Hell, the week. As I battle near constant indigestion, (You should hear the conversations around my water cooler. I may have to call in sick.), a little light reading seems to slow the roll, so to speak.

Having long felt that the Dem party was in decline and was clearly a party that was flailing about looking for both a platform and a leader, I am loving finding so many learned folks who can tell it. This piece from Opinion Journal (WSJ) tells it well.

Not to open old wounds, but the death of Paul Wellstone revealed how much the party (at least in MN) was not just leaning but actively veering left. Apart from the tragic loss of most of a family in an avoidable plane crash, I actually found myself feeling sorry for Dems then. "Now who will they cling to with a grim, cheerless determination," I thought, "until everyone in the state who has is paying out their ass for everyone in the state who hasn't to have too?"

It is a party that would have me single, pregnant with my 8th kid, on welfare & dumb as a post. As long as I need them, they have a reason to exist.

Thank you, but no.


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