Friday, September 24, 2004

"Green trumps black"

This from Thomas Sowell at Townhall is just what I've been saying about MN (to the poor hapless fools on line behind me at the grocery).

Among the many luxuries that wealth can buy is insulation from reality -- the most dangerous luxury of all. Another dangerous luxury is a sense of being one of the wonderfully special people with superior wisdom and virtue. Environmental extremism flourishes among those who can afford both luxuries.

"Smart growth" means Sara ain't gettin her 40 acres if they have anything to say about it. Which they do.

Did you know that people in the wealthy San Francisco suburb of Sausalito own 80,000 acres of land in Kenya? They are setting it aside as a nature preserve, in order to keep poor people in Kenya from hunting animals for food on those 80,000 acres.

Whites, or greenies in this case, always did know what was best for blacks.

It's not a racial thing. The green zealots would stop anybody from doing anything they don't approve of. They talk grandly about "protecting" this, "preserving" that, or "saving" something else.

Not a racial thing? Damn, I thought I was special.


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