Thursday, September 16, 2004

How George helped me...

after 9/11... I was horrified that a plane had hit the Pentagon. I called my spouse at work, stopped just short of asking him to come home, and tried to get some perspective. I was worried about the president. I felt that if they managed to hurt, or God f***ing forbid, kill, the president then all hell really would have broken loose.

Later, when the president spoke, calmly, reassuringly, and with resolve- I silently thanked God that we had someone that some considered a zealot in the White House. I knew that there was a moral foundation from which he made his choices, and that belief system would guide him now- I wouldn't have to worry about whims or the swayings of a shocked nation. He wouldn't say what he thought people wanted him to say- he would do what he believed needed to be done.

That, to me, was and is true leadership- an ability and willingness to say what needs to be said and to then follow up and do what needs to be done.


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