Monday, September 06, 2004

The massacre of children in Russia...

I have trouble with imagery. Certain visuals & even written descriptions freak me out, sometimes to the point of interfereing with daily activities.
The situation in Russia had all the potential to do just that. As freaked out as I potentially was/am, I am even more angry.
What do these so-called separatists think is going to happen? By targeting children, their moms, grandmas, and teachers, the Russian government is going to end all activity in the region & just let it go? That is highly unlikely.
I am horrified by the thought of children suffering in sweltering heat, in a place that should be safe, denied water, forced to soil themselves, terrorized by being forced to witness murder, their very lives threatened.
I do not blame the Russian government for the tragic results of that takeover- based on what I have read the terrorist fucks who did this wanted to die and they wanted to break the will of their "enemies" by taking the children with them. Sick fucks.
Go ahead and kill yourself if you want, but leave other people's kids out of it.
Allahu akbar, my ass. God may very well be great, but this is one hell of a way to demonstrate that.


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