Thursday, September 16, 2004

Most of them were democrats...

many were propped up by some social program or another, and several had done time. I refer to the extended family tribe from the blacks n jews post. My dad used to be a republican til they got a hold of him. A pity. He'd worked so hard to achieve the American dream of white, semi-affluent suburbia for us & threw it all away after the divorce for a run at an urban city council seat.

An ugly reality of many of my urban kin is that they do not feel they have to work. For them, welfare is their work. There is an unpleasant entitlement that many urban poor have- the gov't owes me- it matters not to them that others with the same background, intellect, and potential work, pay taxes, and otherwise contribute to a functioning society. The very society in which they live. I've no idea what any of this has to do with their likely pervasive mistrust and/or hatred of Jews. Perhaps my propped up kin felt that Jews were somehow getting more than they deserved.


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