Monday, September 13, 2004

My issue with racists...

I don't really have one. Sure, they piss me off when they decide to organize & hold rallies that hold up traffic & make me late while my ice cream melts & the steaks grow bacteria, but the one-off racist who sits home & yells epithets at the local news doesn't bother me. They stay the hell out of my face, then I stay the hell out of theirs.
It's the ones who don't know they are racists- they are the most dangerous ones. There is something wholly devastating about "help" that infantilizes and marginalizes grown men and women. I feel that it is "racist" to assume that an ethnic group as a whole will fail if not propped up by endless ill-defined "help." Yes, some will fail. But those who succeed will do so on their own merits, which, I feel, is vital to the long term success and stability of the ethnic group in a society.
Federal programs that (seem to) service disproportionately large numbers of racial minorities, and are fed by an insidious societal guilt, both engender racial tensions, but also encourage chronic dependency. I have long felt that the time has come for ethnic minorities, of which I am one, to stand up, survive, and succeed. At least try.


Blogger yobyol said...

As an african american who disagrees with the policies of affirmative action, I have to agree with you. When society decides that a certain ethnic group needs "help", they do indeed create a dependency mentality.

Still, I wouldn't mind getting reparations tho'.

That last line was a joke, incidentally. Certainly I wouldn't mind getting todays equivalent of 40 acres and a mule, but what am I supposed to do, whine that the "white man" won't let me get ahead? Sure they can try, but they can't stop me without my permission.

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