Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Phantom Allies...

I've been reading so much about the VRWC, that it leads me to wonder why they doth protest so much. What are they deflecting? Could it be that they have a conspiracy of their own?

I am not sure that I should call what I am thinking about a conspiracy, perhaps merely an insidious lack of peripheral vision and awareness. I have long been incensed by the derisive references of the left wing candidate to our coalition in Iraq. We do have allies there, other nations did agree with our decision, and of those that chose not to participate, it was because to do so was not in their best national interests.

I can not help but believe that it is utterly insulting and belittling to state that the nations who are standing with us either don't exist, or are not as important as the nations that chose not to stand.

So who are these allies that Carrie claims he will be able to court? Does he think the Ichabod Crane thing will somehow be more appealing to nations not involved in our current coalition in Iraq? Or are there some secret deals he's attempting to make, some hook up? Cause this is not a run for homecoming king, it's not personal. It's business.

I, for one, would like to know where & from whom the international support that Carrie claims he can get if elected is to come. If, as he claims, he can garner more international support for US efforts to combat terrorism than W, then I would like to know who he has been talking to and apparently getting promises from. I do not feel that, as a senator, he should be negotiating foriegn policies or alliances.

So, which is it? Is JFKerry engaged in a large scale contest for homecoming or prom king, or is he secretly setting up future alliances, or is he blowing smoke up the ass of everyone in America by making bold claims that he can not support?



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