Friday, September 17, 2004


First of all, I don't care if Daddy Parlock shows up at every DNC, liberal, alt, fringe, who-the-hell-knows-what-they-stand-for rally in whatever tri-state area he chooses with any or all of his kids and an opposite-whatever-the-cause-of -the-day-is sign. He absolutely has that right. Here, in America, he has the right to raise his children as he pleases and to expose them to whatever crowd he pleases (of course, within the boundaries of our law).

Secondly, where tf does anyone get off making a baby cry by being grown and stealing her sign & then tearing it up in her little face? Why is it okay for kerrykampers to assault grieving families, and this man can't teach his children what it means to exercise their right to free speech?

This brings to mind the librarian, oh excuse me, media specialist, who confused and upset my then 2nd grade daughter when he told her class that our Republican gov was bad because said gov would not raise taxes!!! And oh, yes, I did call the guy out. Something along the lines of it not being appropriate for the librariass to inundate a class of impressionable little kids with his personal political opinions. (And not just because they were the exact damn opposite of mine.) I held back cause I didn't think it appropriate for me to break my foot off in the guy's ass so soon into the school year.

And do you know what that chickenshit did? He called me back and actually tried to justify what he'd said!! WTF?? They were 2nd graders! (I'm getting resteamed just writing about this- I am so sick of these self righteous liberal fucks acting like they are the shit & their opinions are the only ones that matter.)
I will go off on public education in general another time.


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