Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Why I hate them...

It is their own fault.

Driving to work after dropping off my kids at school is a friggin mine field of baseless whining. People with Free Palestine signs. The guy with the inscrutable message- 3 huge flags, one a UN flag with a line drawn through it. I'd ask him about it if I cared. Graffiti in two different places said 're-defeat Bush.' WTF is that about? Is that what all their whining is about? They are still smarting because the so-called heir apparent couldn't put together a strong enough campaign to win the electoral vote outright 4 fucking years ago?

Let it go. It's over.

9/11 happened & they can't handle it. They are so freaked by it that they are hitching their wagons to a pony that doesn't know where the fuck it's going. (To use an analogy that might work in TX.) And they have the audacity to act superior to me- to all of us- about their lame ass choice. I got news: J.Fing Karny is not going to save the world. He can't even find the Senate chamber where his committee meetings are held half the time. He has so little grasp of his own doctrine (for want of a better word), that he is incapable of maintaining a consistent message on any given topic. In a court of law he'd have hung himself months ago.

His fans must have utterly selective hearing, only tuning in when he is saying what they want to hear him say- what fits their "the white house shoulda been ours" rhetoric. He has said nothing innovative, nothing original, hell, he hasn't even said anything that our current administration hasn't already been doing.

And where the hell is this better plan that they keep yapping about? If it really exists, I haven't seen it.

What offends me the most, besides the tooth grindingly irritating ceaseless whining, is their superior damned attitude. I don't understand how otherwise (supposedly) reasonable people can get so worked up defending a candidate like that. They spend so much energy on that, then in the next breath lay out the anybody but Bush bullshit. Don't they hear themselves? A screaming fuckin monkey would be a better choice to them, but we are supposed to somehow agree with them that JFCarrie is actually viable.

Beyond the fact that the Democratic party has lost sight of itself & is choking on its own rhetoric, beyond the fact that I completely resent a political view that assumes their government knows better than I what is best for me & my family,
I am offended by their refusal to recognize that they have no coherent foreign policy at a time when that is the one thing that we need. It ain't easy, it ain't pretty, and it damn sure ain't always friendly- but it is vitally necessary. And the sooner these pain-in-the-ass crybabies realize that, the better for me & mine.


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