Saturday, October 30, 2004

Shut the fuck up Jessie.

Jessie James Janos, former *cough* governor *ahem* of MN, endorsed carrie a couple of days ago. Oddly, there were no fawning displays of gratitude from the carrie campaign.

Would that jessie jam give all of us the same treatment he's given the MN press since they outed his kid for having boozy sleaze parties at the governor's mansion while mommy & dad chilled in the suburbs.

Just keep it to yourself, j. Nobody really cares. Your fame train has left the station.

Friday, October 29, 2004

"Thank you to those Brave American Soldiers...

...who have given and risked their lives to make us all safer. Welcome home Andy, Lee, Liz and Brian. Be safe Danny. If we had not emboldened terrorists and terrorist nations through failure to act (attack of the USS Cole Oct. 12, 2000) the US may have never been attacked on 9/11. (See 9/11 report 6.3.) The task of removing Saddam Hussein, the world's greatest architect of terror and genocide, was considered essential by virtually every democrat and world leader. Once the mission got tough they walked away as if they never heard of Iraq. The crash of the tech driven NASDAQ, the corporate scandals of Enron, World Com, Tyco and Adelphia, and even the tragedy of 9/11 impact us all today but were in progress, enabled, and in the case of 9/11 conspired during the 90s and 2000. (NASDAQ Mar. 10, 2000 - 5048, Nov. 25, 2000 - 2597, a 3.4 trillion dollar decline triggering the loss of millions of jobs over the next 2 years.)
Thank you to the corporations that have valued and retained their employees in the face of horrific obstacles. Consider the number of highly skilled jobs lost should we legislate the importation of drugs from Canada. Why do Medicare rates go up? What I found is that we are all responsible in part. (According to the Washington Post Sept. 23, 1999, Amy Goldstein, Elderly Face Health Care Increase "crucial to ensuring that Medicare does not run out of money early in the next century." Source: Government analysis) ...following the detection of 69.5 billion dollars of Medicare fraud the prior four years, source, HPAA96)
John Kerry, a man of greater vocabulary than principle, is well aware of these facts. He recklessly hurls promises and blame in a selfish attempt to satisfy his imagined birthright of absolute entitlement. He's lived a life of manipulation where the consequences of his actions have negatively impacted the lives of others far more than himself. But, alas, he has a plan. The same plan he has had for over 30 years. Shame on Michael Moore for his hatred of America and disortion of truth to benefit himself. Never forget those and the families of those who were murdered on 9/11. Never forget what our police forces and fire departments did that day and continue to do. Never forget what we all felt when we watched the Towers fall. Let us be vigilant, but do not allow those who wish us harm to deter us from living our lives to the fullest.
Thanks - Mark"

reprinted from a paid advertisement - Minneapolis StarTribune - 10/29/04

*The contents of this essay/advertisement do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the blogger.* -Sara Thomas

Thursday, October 28, 2004

"Black people aren't stupid."

So sayeth Steve at Hog On Ice.

I love Steve at Hog On Ice.

As a white man, I'll be honest and just admit I've heard other white people say, many times, that black people breed like [insert rodents of choice here], and that abortion is necessary to keep them from swamping our fine mostly Caucasian country. You've heard it, too. Don't lie. Black people aren't stupid

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in America. 78% of their clinics are in minority communities. Blacks make up 12% of the population, but 35% of the abortions in America. Are we being targeted? Isn't that genocide?

from BlackGenocide.Org, a site run by a black minister, Pastor Clenard H. Childress, Jr. quoted in Steve's post.

Normally, I don't like whites to speak in generalities on behalf of blacks, but in this case I actually think Steve & his also quoted sweet baboo Ann Coulter did okay. Yeah, Steve, Ann, I'm black, I'm not stupid, (I may be ign'ant but I ain't stupid), and I've never had an abortion. I do not, in fact, personally know any blacks who have.

I do, however, know several whites who have had at least one abortion. A meaningless & insignificant sample, I know, but still marginally relevant as I am, of course, black.

I always thought more whites actually had abortions than blacks. I always see whites going in & out of the few planned parenthood clinics I've passed. Maybe the black entrance is around back.

Would the Democratic Party please, for the love of God, GET OFF MY SIDE!

And Steve's right, keeping your legs together is one form of control as dear spouse is well aware.

This is just disgusting...

If it is true that some group is calling voters in CO, stating that thier loved one has died in the war, and then that 'this is what will happen if you don't vote for carrie' then the campaign has sunk to lows that I only imagined in my nightmares.

Whether or not the folks getting those calls even have loved ones serving overseas, that is a vile, despicable thing to say. Just sell your damn souls to Satan and be done with it.

I cannot fucking believe those people.

Apparently, I don't know diddley...

as spouse has informed me that I'd have been 2 or something had we gone to see Muddy Waters. It was Bo Diddley. Shows how much of an impression it made on me.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Want to be part of the broad Republican Murder Conspiracy? (Kinda like Veruka's Fuck-Marry-Kill poll, only not as potentially fun) I suppose it could be though, but I don't want to know what you're into.

I think I'd take Oprah out first. She offends me.

I didn't get my weird little car, regardless of who actually paid for it.

Update: Spouse told me that doktah fill should get first, with Oprah forced to watch, then she gets next.

Spouse is a sick bastard.

God help me, I do love him so.

What the hell will this accomplish?

New inquiry into Wellstone death urged
October 26, 2004
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- University of Minnesota Duluth Professor James Fetzer, a Kennedy assassination theorist, called on Congress Monday to investigate the death of Sen. Paul Wellstone, who Fetzer believes was the target of a White House plot. (emphasis mine) Because as we all know, the administration had nothing better to do on October 25, 2002.
Fetzer, a McKnight professor of philosophy, told a group of journalists and supporters at the National Press Club that the official government probe into the Wellstone plane crash on Oct. 25, 2002, whitewashed a broad Republican murder conspiracy, a charge he has made before.
"Something very wrong has happened in this case," he said.
Fetzer's assassination theory, now the subject of a book he co-wrote with a Northern Arizona University professor, Four Arrows(of course), has been widely dismissed by government officials. The book is called "American Assassination: The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone."
Given the Republican Party's control of Congress, Fetzer acknowledged that his request "has more symbolic than practical significance."

I don't get it. I never did.

I hear that Rep. Mark Kennedy, R-MN is being tapped to take a run at Mark Dayton's Beautiful Junior Senator Mind, D-MN when his term is finally up. I'll work my ass off on that campaign.

And no, I don't think the name of the MN Veteran's Administration Hospital should be changed to the Paul Wellstone Why, Why, For The Love of God Why? Hospital.

Let it go. It's over.

Whenever I see a gay couple...

I try to figure out which one is the guy. Females, or males- doesn't matter. There's always a guy & a chick in the couple.

Worked with this woman, she'd been married (to a man), had kids, then came out. Her partner brought coworker's dog to work one day & they all came in to show it off. She walked slightly in front of the partner, holding the dog & grinning, the partner had her hands in her pockets & was sauntering behind looking indulgent. Partner was the guy.

Spouse & I went to a bar to hear Muddy Waters play. Table next to us had a guy gay couple. The partner facing me didn't smile or show much expression. The other partner, side profile to me, seemed a little anxious, leaning over frequently to ask or comment about something, fussing with his chair a bit, smiling in response to the music. Facing partner seemed almost a little irritated with the fidgeting & chatter. Facing was the guy.

These are just a couple of my informal observations, but I almost wonder if there isn't something to them. If gayness is (as they would have us believe) as biologically, spiritually, evolutionarily, and physiologically normal as heterosexuality, then why does one partner have a male partner role and one a female role?

Gay guy couple on the adoption show on Discovery Health. One was older, graying, chatty. The other was younger, less talkative. The older one held the baby in most of the scenes, the younger mentioned how uncomfortable he was with diapers. The older fussed over the baby, cuddled it, seemed to be the mom figure for the baby. Younger seemed to be the somewhat-standoffish-with-infants dad figure. Why?

Do gays want nothing less than full-frontal-white-wedding-married-filing-jointly status in part because they are able to mimic the typical roles in a hetero marriage?

How much of the role differences is just role playing? I mean, is it a social & societal norm for any theoretically permanent pair to have one partner fulfill one biological, sexual role and the other partner fulfill the other role whether the pair is homo or hetero? Or is it that a person who is 'born gay' is also born into some predetermined, biological, pseudo-sexual role? Are some gay babies (if such a thing exists) predetermined to be the guy & some the girl?

And if there is such a thing- if gays are born with predetermined social-sexual roles, then where does the biology of procreation apply? What would be the biological point of homosexuality if there is no corresponding opposite sex partner to complete the procreation equation?

What in all of this makes gays want nothing less than full-on-call-the-caterer-dance-with-daddy white weddings? Why can't they just get their civil unions, their tax breaks, their legal rights and be done with it? Why must they constantly be in my face about this crap?

Gays are a pain in the ass.

No pun intended.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It comes down to this...

Newbylibs, believing the barely intelligible blather of a few, think that they are really making an 'informed' choice should they actually get out of bed & vote next week.

They do not understand the issues. They do not have a deep enough knowledge of history, nor a thorough enough understanding of the very world we live in or the different cultures and belief systems in it, to really know what the basic issues are.

As for the economy- that is so common as to be a virtual non-issue in this election. It comes up in every election- mayor on up. Everybody is always concerned about their own bottom line. It is the most common issue, and this year is no different. (If I thought any libs read this I'd tell them this: spouse got laid off twice during Clinton's tenure and we're in better shape economically now than we have ever been. What's your excuse?)

The environment- barely an issue. It is a common issue, has been for quite a while, but not everybody is as concerned about it as some are. It is only a hot button issue for some.

Healthcare- I almost forgot this one: get off your ass and exercise. Eat a vegetable for cryin out loud. And some fruit will not kill you you fat lazy bastards. And if you get sick anyway? Go to the damn doctor. Most places you can't throw a rock without hitting some kind of clinic, so go to one. Nobody owes you health insurance, so stop crying if you don't have it & don't take it for granted if you do.

Terrorism- here we get into an important and relatively new area for many potential voters. I recall little mention of it in the campaign leading up to the '00 election. It is very much a hot issue right now, and if it isn't for some, it should be.

The war in Iraq- now here's the rub. This, no matter what people say, is the issue. Should we have gone to war with Iraq? I have a couple of opinions on this.

First of all: I don't think we really are at war with Iraq. I think we are at war in Iraq. I have read many times recently that the enemy will meet us wherever they can, including at home, as was proven three years ago. They are pouring into Iraq like Willard's rats just to engage in sneaky warfare with our troops, Iraqi citizens, international civilians, and whoever the hell else is around. (Should we have gone there? Hell, yes.)

Newbydems & regulardems do not understand the enemy. They are busy with their stickers & signs & movies & taking pictures of themselves apologizing to Iraqis (?) and do not seem to get that in this case, nuance is not desirable.

This enemy- this enemy kidnaps noncombatants and saws off their heads. This enemy takes children hostage on their first day of school, tortures them, and then murders them when they try to flee. This spends years among us, attends our schools, speaks our language, smiles at us, then boards our planes and flies them into our buildings taking as many of our civilians to their deaths with them as possible.

This enemy used our very way of life- accessible training and education and accessible travel- to murder our civilian citizenry. Steadfast resolve is the most important quality in dealing with this enemy. Period. They do not fear death, they do not fear sanctions. They must be resolutely cut off from their sustenance and encouraged to wither and die.

"No more meetings. I'm gonna go out there and kill 'em."

Monday, October 25, 2004

Polls are making me sick...

I can not wait until election day. My mind is made up, everyone else's better be, and I am sick of hearing about the 'latest poll.'

The other day I saw three different polls cited in three different news reports from three theoretically different outlets. All were different.

Enough already.

Oh, and my kids were awesome on our trip. They are actually into history & civics, if you can believe that. Geeks off their leash- and I intend all due affection for the little shits.

Why I am hard on my kids is for another post.

I've got a lot of 'for another posts' hanging out there. I'll try to get started on those rants soon.

Penknives didn't make it...

past security. I used a white out pen. Lame, I know, but it's all I had. Okay, I did have sharpies, but the door was too dark for that.

I gotta learn how to post pictures.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Carrie kills black people...

You decide.

Words have power.

Use caution.

Breathe, stretch, shake...

let it go...


That's over.

Sick of writing about politics? Puh-leeze... We're off to DC tomorrow, penknives in hand.

Blue Mind, remember that bail money offer! I might have to make a scene...

There's a reason why Dayton has no profile in the national campaign. A nut fronting for you is likely a liability & combine that with the wife issues, well, you can see why it's better for Carrie that Dayton stay out of it.

Though they could use him to appeal to the psychotropic med lobby...

Monday, October 18, 2004

Blogger fatigue...

I am sick of blogging about politics. We need W to win. I don't need to prove that point to myself or anyone else.

I am sick of the notion that somehow Carrie is more 'virtuous' than W. WTF does that mean anyway? I am nauseated & almost frightened by the notion that somehow we can return to pre-9/11-ness & no longer have to worry about terrorism. That dreamworld fantasy may send me over the edge.

How can a grown person think that pretending something doesn't exist will make it not exist? If we elect the right person, then the terrorists won't hate us anymore... what???

Hellooo in there... They hated us when Bill 'Shucks' Clinton was in Monica (her mouth anyway), I mean in office. They have always hated us. And I, for one, don't care. They live their life & I'll live mine. They try for their heaven, and I'll try to live humbly so I can go to mine.

(The fact that my heaven is the only heaven & theirs is under my septic tank is for another post.)

WTF do these dreamers think 9/11 was? Some hi-rise fire? Trailer park meth lab explosion? Gas leak?

'The courage of his convictions' is a phrase that keeps coming to me these days.
That is why I want W to win. He is not a perfect person. None of us are. But he is willing to first define, then act on, and finally stand by his convictions. I'd rather have that, right or wrong, than someone who tells me what he thinks I want to hear.

Laugh if you want, but it reminds me of the traitor in the Matrix. "Plug me back in," he said, "and give me a good job." Sign up for the dreamworld folks. I knew all these so called voter registration drives were really a front...

Friday, October 15, 2004

The 10 year old speaks...

Saddam Hussein wanted everybody to think he had the weapons. In mysteries they call that a 'red herring.'

I'm not in the mood today to overanalyze what she said, I just appreciate that she said it.

I have another bone to pick...

with this Jeff Danziger tripe. He said:

It wasn't racist. Nor am I.

in his response to A Red Mind...

My reply: Yes, it was and yes, you are. This is how I know:

A few years ago (it was probably closer to ten) a couple of Native Americans got put in the trunk of a Minneapolis police car to be transported to detox. They were drunk & passed out in public- the police had responded to a complaint. They didn't fit into the backseat because a third drunk companion was already sprawled there.

Local Native American activists called a press conference to decry the officer's demeaning & racist actions of putting the two guys in the trunk. (The lid stayed open, it was a warm dry night, and detox was a few blocks away). The first thought I had was, "So what? The two drunks don't even remember what happened." My second thought was, "If they weren't drunk all over Franklin Avenue every damn day this kind of stuff wouldn't happen to them."

A while later I realized that I now had some insight into how some whites must think about blacks.

Were my thoughts racist? Probably. Am I a racist? Yeah, most likely.

Jeff Danziger is a racist precisely because he didn't know that some would find his little drawing offensive. He apparently has no idea why people do.

I knew why those activists were so upset. Didn't care, but knew. I also wouldn't have tried to justify my mean-spirited thoughts as being anything other than what they were. And I damn sure wouldn't have published a drawing of them.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

'I don't know...'

sounds like an honest answer.

Bringing up the vp's daughter, and people in hetero marriages who come out as gay, claiming to have a belief system but refusing to define it in order to not force it on others sounds like pandering to the widest possible audience.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Self hatred is an ugly thing...

A couple of things I've read today have got me thinking.

This post, linked from Michele at A Small Victory got me thinking about self hating Americans, ex-patriot or otherwise. Played-out Jonny Depp, tired old Baldwin brother (can't remember his name, married to Kim Basinger), mikeymore, etc... all reeking of self loathing which smells like b.o.

This 'cartoon' depicting Condoleezza Rice as something like Prissy from GWTW, linked from Michelle Malkin got me thinking about self-hating blacks. More specifically, the response that A Red Mind in a Blue State got to his brief email to Danziger about the 'cartoon.' Danziger claims he got the idea from his black friend.

A few comments:
To borrow from Chris Rock: That person is not your friend. No matter what they say, what they do, or how they act, that person hates you. And they hate you even more now that you actually printed that 'cartoon.'

(I'm putting ' ' around cartoon cause I think of cool shit like Animaniacs when I see the word, not that crap.)

No, Jeff Danziger, you have no black friends. And the one you thought you had hates you even more now.

I am willing to consider the possibility that the 'cartoon' idea came about because the black alleged friend really does hate Condoleezza Rice. But why? Because she's smart? Because she's accomplished? Because she's powerful & not a fat-self-promoting-star-making-fawning-poser (more on Oprah in another post)? Because she has the ear of the President of The United States of America? Because she's black? Or because you are?

Makes me feel all woogy inside...

when I come across helpful people. Thanks, Scott. I have now fixed hopefully all of my links.

This comes as great news, I am sure, to all seven of you.

Mark Dayton has stopped taking his medication.

Someone should let his doctor know.

WASHINGTON (AP) Sen. Mark Dayton said Tuesday he has closed his Washington office because of a top-secret intelligence report that made him fear for his staff's safety.

This report was presented two weeks ago. He is, apparently, the only one to panic.

Dayton said he would advise people from his home state to avoid Capitol Hill until after the Nov. 2 election. "I would not bring my two sons to the Capitol between now and the election," he added.

Spouse, kids & I will be visiting DC next week. We plan to carve our initials into his office door.

Read more here, as if you actually give a rip about this glassy-eyed moron.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I've been surfing...

This not terribly recent post at SenatorPhilabuster/Senator Pundit calls Carrie & his demfans out. God, I hate hypocrits.

Yes, she is alienating voters, as Scott at Right Moment finds. I must differ, however, on the possibility of having any respect for her- however musty & grainy that respect might be. I'd never heard of the ketchup queen before a few months ago, personally, and quite frankly- that is the time I'd love to return to.

I've long felt that so-called animal rights extremists were just as dangerous on behalf of animals as so-called equal rights extremists are to, well, me. This post at What-tha? just proves my point about those nut-jobs. An idea for those folks: leave the condor eggs alone, for chrissakes. If I have to see one more paper mache condor head feeding a condor baby I'll wring the baby condor's neck myself.

I can't recall where I saw a better derogatory name for Carrie than Carrie.
Jean Francois Kerry. Only I'd spell it Carrie.

Update: Of course I saw it here. Thanks, Senator.

Air the freakin' show...

The Sinclair group that wants their 62 stations to air the film that comments on Carrie's anti war activities is drawing the predictable semi-hysterical sputtering protests from Carrie's fans.

I don't care that Fah...9/11 was a theater release that folks had to pay to see as opposed to a network presentation. It has gotten more press and generated more 'buzz' than it deserves. It's not even the only propaganda out there against the sitting president.

"Stolen Honor: Wounds that never heal" is being presented as a documentary & likely is no worse in its presentation than some of the crap that passes for documentary today. (If I have to read that fah...9/11 is a documentary one more time I will punch mikeymore in the mouth myself.) Yes, the subject matter is likely quite incendiary. It is only an issue, however, because Carrie made it an issue. He & his fans told everyone that his service makes him a better choice to lead our nation.

Many people disagree, and those that disagree have the right to explain why.

A documentary showing Carrie's own actions and featuring his own words seems to me to be a perfectly reasonable vehicle for doing so.

So many people have so much invested in propping Carrie up as the only alternative to George Bush, that they are simply unprepared to hear otherwise, no matter how much sense it makes. I think the mental health profession needs to gear up. There are going to be some serious issues out there.

Should, God forbid, George not be reelected I am sure that we will be fine. We will protect ourselves & our children- not as lunatic survivalists, but as reasonable, intelligent realists. We will grit our teeth, take a deep breath, and start looking toward the future, while keeping a level eye on the present.

Monday, October 11, 2004

What does 'free speech' mean anyway...

if a person can't state his opinions openly?

ST. PAUL, MN (Talon News) -- [Randy] Kelly, the mayor of St. Paul, breaking ranks with the Democratic Party and is supporting President George W. Bush in the 2004 Presidential Election.

Many area dems are offended, as is evidenced by this editorial comment from St. Paul's major newspaper:

Mayor Kelly has announced that he is supporting George Bush because he saw a bumper sticker that said, "I hate Bush!" I have a question for him — since many Republicans not only have a Coleman bumper sticker, but also one that says: "Wellstone's dead. Get over it," can we assume Kelly will now support Norm Coleman's opponent?

I have never seen a "wellstone's dead, get over it" bumper sticker. I think libs like bumper stickers better than conservatives. Republicans tend to understand the meaning of the term 'resale value.'

There is apparently a group of incensed folks who want to recall the St. Paul mayor because he actually spoke aloud of his preference for president. I guess they are still smarting about Sen. Norm Coleman wising up a few years ago. What they need to do is get over that.

I had a crush on Christopher Reeve...

when I was 11 or so, when Superman came out. He was cute, strong, and he could fly. (He was also safely non-sexual).
I am not sad at his death. I hope that he's flying now.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

You can't have it both ways...

or at least you shouldn't.

Carrie's idea of building an international coalition to deal with terrorism (ignoring the fact that one exists) on one hand, while on the other hand insisting that 'tax loopholes' that apparently 'entice' American companies to move jobs overseas must be eliminated seems hypocritical to me. Kerry plans to ask other nations to share with us the effort to defeat terrorism- worldwide terrorism, I would hope- but he also plans to eliminate the ability of citizens of other nations to earn a living working for an American company.

I realize that accessing theoretically cheaper overseas labor does not necessarily translate into lower consumer costs for me. Still, I do not begrudge a person from India or China or somewhere else making a living.

And I still think that it is at the very least insulting to ignore the contributions of the nations that have joined US efforts in Iraq. At worst, it could be dangerous. They may not choose to stand with us should we need them again.

I am uncomfortable with the policies that Carrie describes. My mind was made up long ago, that decision was never in question. What worries me is the thought of this person coming into such a position of power based on the ignorance and or naivete of my fellow countrymen.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Right Moment, right idea...

This post at Right Moment illustrates it so well. The Republicans, and our current administration are responding to change in a way that is meaningful and sensible. I see it as causing schools to educate our children & youth so that they can participate in the changing economy.

Personally, I do not begrudge emerging populaces from becoming players in world economics- more power to them. The way I see it, the more they are able to earn & participate, the less propping up they will need overall. I am sick, though, of hearing the 'outsourcing' cry from so many here at home. Stop crying, wipe your face, get some training, update your skills and adapt.

I love hearing the statistics about the percentage of new jobs being created by small businesses. Adapt- change or die.

And I wish Scott over at Right Moment all the best.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Chicks, crimes & culpability...

This post at Right Thoughts got me thinking about a subject that I've wondered about recently.

I read an opinion piece in my local paper a few months ago in which the author (no, I can't recall the name- some liberal intellectual chick) expressed surprise about a heinous crime committed by a female. Her bewilderment seemed to stem from her age & era- having come of age in the 70s when women grew so enlightened that they apparently were not capable of decompensating to the point of committing an aberrant crime.

Anyway, my hypothesis about women & crime centers around the term 'bullshit.'

It is bullshit to assert that women are equal to men in some ways, but incapable of the same acts as men in others. Having come of age some time after the 70s, I am having trouble understanding the mindset of these 'enlightened' women. How can women be capable of all of the good, positive acts that men get credit for, but somehow get a pass on the despicable, horrifying crap? That whole viewpoint speaks to my problem with the feminist movement.

I think of the case of Kathleen Soliah/Sara Jane Olson. During the 70s she ran with the Symbionese Liberation Army, a group made up by a bunch of drug addicts with nothing but time & free floating self righteousness on their hands. She assisted in a robbery in which a mother of 4 was shot to death and she assisting in rigging 2 police cars with bombs. She and her addled cohorts ran & hid (of course- they had neither a real cause nor guts enough to stand up for it) for decades. She married (a doctor), had kids (3 girls), baked (potlucks), volunteered (kids' school, neighborhood groups, other crap), found God (or at least pretended to at church) and blended in. So when she was surrounded, stopped, ordered from her minivan & arrested, people were shocked & outraged. (This all took place in St. Paul, MN).

I had nothing but contempt for that bitch. And she sits in prison today because apparently other people felt the same. White women from the 70s & their neurotic so-called causes are detrimental to true progress.

True progress, IMO, means that women should have accountability as well as accessibility. It is a balancing act. Your uterus is important, but it does not give you immunity. It means you shouldn't have sex with guards while you're in prison cause they'll take your baby away.

It seems hypocrital to me.

This is late, but...

Here is the VP debate transcript.

Cheney: It's important to look at all of our developments in Iraq within the broader context of the global war on terror.

He's right. It is important to look at world events & the US role in them in a global, historical, and political context. Small, narrow, limited thinking is dangerous.

Cheney: The effort that we've mounted with respect to Iraq focused specifically on the possibility that this was the most likely nexus between the terrorists and weapons of mass destruction... The biggest threat we faced today is the possibility of terrorists smuggling a nuclear weapon or a biological agent into one of our own cities and threatening the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

And do not think for one minute that they wouldn't do this.

Edwards: We need a fresh start. We need a president who will speed up the training of the Iraqis...

IMO, this could be dangerous. Better to have deliberate, thorough training than to rush unprepared men into volatile situations. The men are already stepping up & their willingness to work on behalf of their own country should not be rewarded by shining them on with slipshod, hurried training.

Edwards: Mr. Vice President, there is no connection between the attacks of September 11th and Saddam Hussein.

You are missing the point. You all are. Please go to your dictionary & look up "harboring."

Cheney: You're not credible on Iraq because of the enormous inconsistencies that John Kerry and you have cited time after time after time during the course of the campaign. Whatever the political pressures of the moment requires, that's where you're at. But you've not been consistent, and there's no indication at all that John Kerry has the conviction to successfully carry through on the war on terror.

They are a couple of prom queen wannabe's who will say whatever they have to to appeal to whoever they are trying to appeal to at the time.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


The son of the arithmatically challenged millworker has been told some things about himself to his face. Clearly, concisely, and with certainty.

I will add quotes and links asserting my view tomorrow.

While the millworker's boy did seem to obey his handlers who must have told him to take every opportunity he had to clarify his would-be boss's ephemeral "plans," he sounded as though he was reading from one campaign ad after another with some numbers thrown in for emphasis.

And he got a little flustered at the end, giggling like a schoolgirl.

Let me take this opportunity to thank the Vice President for schooling this fool.

Oh, and the Yankees got schooled, too.

"They Are Blaming Him For The Weather"

I. Have. Heard. It. All. Now.

Found this at Right Thoughts.

"I'm telling you," said Brother Steve as he worked the clippers, "if we don't get him out of there, this president is going to get us all killed."

Just you & Jadakiss, if I have anything to say about it.

"Some folks can rationalize anything," said Langston.


Michelle nails it...

Found more common ground- I hate the circus too. It's the clowns.

Michelle describes her blog as just that, a forum for her thoughts, concerns, and ideas. I appreciate her candor, sense of humor, and idiosyncrasies- several of which I apparently share.

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Friday, October 01, 2004

George Will wonders, too.

Aaah. Intelligent, verbose, irritatingly condescending- but also asking the same question I did, with less cussing.

"...What, aside from the allure of [Carrie's] personality, makes [Carrie] think 'the world' will help?" -George F. Will, September 30, 2004

"So who are these allies that Carrie claims he will be able to court?" - Sara Thomas, September 29, 2004

Prognosis stable

It appeared as though Carrie responded to coaching, if not a hard target search for a moral foundation on which to stand.
It burned my butt to hear him try to pull this off:

KERRY: I believe in being strong and resolute and determined. And I will hunt down and kill the terrorists, wherever they are.

My opinion is that the debate was a tactical draw. I think that W said what we expected to hear, although I did wish he drove home this point more clearly, using different wording each time it came up for emphasis:

BUSH: Again, I can't tell you how big a mistake I think that is, to have bilateral talks with North Korea. It's precisely what Kim Jong Il wants. It will cause the six-party talks to evaporate. It will mean that China no longer is involved in convincing, along with us, for Kim Jong Il to get rid of his weapons. It's a big mistake to do that.

I also wanted him to emphasize this point:

(Bush): ...they went through a horrible situation in Beslan, where these terrorists gunned down young school kids. That's the nature of the enemy, by the way. That's why we need to be firm and resolve in bringing them to justice.

The enemy will meet Western resolve wherever & whenever they can. We have been & are at war with a wily, stop-at-nothing, spare-no-life enemy who sees every man, woman, and child as a clear target. Every one. I don't think it would have been ineffective for the President to put the fear of God into some people last night & remind them what we are up against.

We lost no ground, they gained none except a possible shot in the arm because their man proved amenable to the wishes of his focus team. The town hall thing will be interesting if only because this race is so polarized that I am not sure how one could be undecided. Uninterested, maybe, but undecided? No.

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