Monday, October 18, 2004

Blogger fatigue...

I am sick of blogging about politics. We need W to win. I don't need to prove that point to myself or anyone else.

I am sick of the notion that somehow Carrie is more 'virtuous' than W. WTF does that mean anyway? I am nauseated & almost frightened by the notion that somehow we can return to pre-9/11-ness & no longer have to worry about terrorism. That dreamworld fantasy may send me over the edge.

How can a grown person think that pretending something doesn't exist will make it not exist? If we elect the right person, then the terrorists won't hate us anymore... what???

Hellooo in there... They hated us when Bill 'Shucks' Clinton was in Monica (her mouth anyway), I mean in office. They have always hated us. And I, for one, don't care. They live their life & I'll live mine. They try for their heaven, and I'll try to live humbly so I can go to mine.

(The fact that my heaven is the only heaven & theirs is under my septic tank is for another post.)

WTF do these dreamers think 9/11 was? Some hi-rise fire? Trailer park meth lab explosion? Gas leak?

'The courage of his convictions' is a phrase that keeps coming to me these days.
That is why I want W to win. He is not a perfect person. None of us are. But he is willing to first define, then act on, and finally stand by his convictions. I'd rather have that, right or wrong, than someone who tells me what he thinks I want to hear.

Laugh if you want, but it reminds me of the traitor in the Matrix. "Plug me back in," he said, "and give me a good job." Sign up for the dreamworld folks. I knew all these so called voter registration drives were really a front...


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