Thursday, October 07, 2004

Chicks, crimes & culpability...

This post at Right Thoughts got me thinking about a subject that I've wondered about recently.

I read an opinion piece in my local paper a few months ago in which the author (no, I can't recall the name- some liberal intellectual chick) expressed surprise about a heinous crime committed by a female. Her bewilderment seemed to stem from her age & era- having come of age in the 70s when women grew so enlightened that they apparently were not capable of decompensating to the point of committing an aberrant crime.

Anyway, my hypothesis about women & crime centers around the term 'bullshit.'

It is bullshit to assert that women are equal to men in some ways, but incapable of the same acts as men in others. Having come of age some time after the 70s, I am having trouble understanding the mindset of these 'enlightened' women. How can women be capable of all of the good, positive acts that men get credit for, but somehow get a pass on the despicable, horrifying crap? That whole viewpoint speaks to my problem with the feminist movement.

I think of the case of Kathleen Soliah/Sara Jane Olson. During the 70s she ran with the Symbionese Liberation Army, a group made up by a bunch of drug addicts with nothing but time & free floating self righteousness on their hands. She assisted in a robbery in which a mother of 4 was shot to death and she assisting in rigging 2 police cars with bombs. She and her addled cohorts ran & hid (of course- they had neither a real cause nor guts enough to stand up for it) for decades. She married (a doctor), had kids (3 girls), baked (potlucks), volunteered (kids' school, neighborhood groups, other crap), found God (or at least pretended to at church) and blended in. So when she was surrounded, stopped, ordered from her minivan & arrested, people were shocked & outraged. (This all took place in St. Paul, MN).

I had nothing but contempt for that bitch. And she sits in prison today because apparently other people felt the same. White women from the 70s & their neurotic so-called causes are detrimental to true progress.

True progress, IMO, means that women should have accountability as well as accessibility. It is a balancing act. Your uterus is important, but it does not give you immunity. It means you shouldn't have sex with guards while you're in prison cause they'll take your baby away.

It seems hypocrital to me.


Blogger the Logic Monkey said...

The problem with feminism is where it locates evil. It seems to me that every liberal philosophy locates evil somewhere- it's the capitalists who are evil, it's the men who are evil, it's the Europeans colonialists who are evil---but notice they never include themselves in that category. Contrast that with Chritianity and all traditional convential worldviews, which say that all human beings, being fallen creatures, have the capacity for evil. Therefore, al la Stalin, all we need to do, they say, is eliminate the evil people and the world will be a good place....

7:01 AM  
Blogger Sara Thomas said...

Let me try:

Stalin said people are evil.
Greenies say people are evil/bad for the environment.
Therefore, all greenies are Stalinists.

Not quite right, I know, but I thought I'd give it a shot!

9:16 AM  

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