Friday, October 15, 2004

I have another bone to pick...

with this Jeff Danziger tripe. He said:

It wasn't racist. Nor am I.

in his response to A Red Mind...

My reply: Yes, it was and yes, you are. This is how I know:

A few years ago (it was probably closer to ten) a couple of Native Americans got put in the trunk of a Minneapolis police car to be transported to detox. They were drunk & passed out in public- the police had responded to a complaint. They didn't fit into the backseat because a third drunk companion was already sprawled there.

Local Native American activists called a press conference to decry the officer's demeaning & racist actions of putting the two guys in the trunk. (The lid stayed open, it was a warm dry night, and detox was a few blocks away). The first thought I had was, "So what? The two drunks don't even remember what happened." My second thought was, "If they weren't drunk all over Franklin Avenue every damn day this kind of stuff wouldn't happen to them."

A while later I realized that I now had some insight into how some whites must think about blacks.

Were my thoughts racist? Probably. Am I a racist? Yeah, most likely.

Jeff Danziger is a racist precisely because he didn't know that some would find his little drawing offensive. He apparently has no idea why people do.

I knew why those activists were so upset. Didn't care, but knew. I also wouldn't have tried to justify my mean-spirited thoughts as being anything other than what they were. And I damn sure wouldn't have published a drawing of them.


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