Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It comes down to this...

Newbylibs, believing the barely intelligible blather of a few, think that they are really making an 'informed' choice should they actually get out of bed & vote next week.

They do not understand the issues. They do not have a deep enough knowledge of history, nor a thorough enough understanding of the very world we live in or the different cultures and belief systems in it, to really know what the basic issues are.

As for the economy- that is so common as to be a virtual non-issue in this election. It comes up in every election- mayor on up. Everybody is always concerned about their own bottom line. It is the most common issue, and this year is no different. (If I thought any libs read this I'd tell them this: spouse got laid off twice during Clinton's tenure and we're in better shape economically now than we have ever been. What's your excuse?)

The environment- barely an issue. It is a common issue, has been for quite a while, but not everybody is as concerned about it as some are. It is only a hot button issue for some.

Healthcare- I almost forgot this one: get off your ass and exercise. Eat a vegetable for cryin out loud. And some fruit will not kill you you fat lazy bastards. And if you get sick anyway? Go to the damn doctor. Most places you can't throw a rock without hitting some kind of clinic, so go to one. Nobody owes you health insurance, so stop crying if you don't have it & don't take it for granted if you do.

Terrorism- here we get into an important and relatively new area for many potential voters. I recall little mention of it in the campaign leading up to the '00 election. It is very much a hot issue right now, and if it isn't for some, it should be.

The war in Iraq- now here's the rub. This, no matter what people say, is the issue. Should we have gone to war with Iraq? I have a couple of opinions on this.

First of all: I don't think we really are at war with Iraq. I think we are at war in Iraq. I have read many times recently that the enemy will meet us wherever they can, including at home, as was proven three years ago. They are pouring into Iraq like Willard's rats just to engage in sneaky warfare with our troops, Iraqi citizens, international civilians, and whoever the hell else is around. (Should we have gone there? Hell, yes.)

Newbydems & regulardems do not understand the enemy. They are busy with their stickers & signs & movies & taking pictures of themselves apologizing to Iraqis (?) and do not seem to get that in this case, nuance is not desirable.

This enemy- this enemy kidnaps noncombatants and saws off their heads. This enemy takes children hostage on their first day of school, tortures them, and then murders them when they try to flee. This spends years among us, attends our schools, speaks our language, smiles at us, then boards our planes and flies them into our buildings taking as many of our civilians to their deaths with them as possible.

This enemy used our very way of life- accessible training and education and accessible travel- to murder our civilian citizenry. Steadfast resolve is the most important quality in dealing with this enemy. Period. They do not fear death, they do not fear sanctions. They must be resolutely cut off from their sustenance and encouraged to wither and die.

"No more meetings. I'm gonna go out there and kill 'em."


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