Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Self hatred is an ugly thing...

A couple of things I've read today have got me thinking.

This post, linked from Michele at A Small Victory got me thinking about self hating Americans, ex-patriot or otherwise. Played-out Jonny Depp, tired old Baldwin brother (can't remember his name, married to Kim Basinger), mikeymore, etc... all reeking of self loathing which smells like b.o.

This 'cartoon' depicting Condoleezza Rice as something like Prissy from GWTW, linked from Michelle Malkin got me thinking about self-hating blacks. More specifically, the response that A Red Mind in a Blue State got to his brief email to Danziger about the 'cartoon.' Danziger claims he got the idea from his black friend.

A few comments:
To borrow from Chris Rock: That person is not your friend. No matter what they say, what they do, or how they act, that person hates you. And they hate you even more now that you actually printed that 'cartoon.'

(I'm putting ' ' around cartoon cause I think of cool shit like Animaniacs when I see the word, not that crap.)

No, Jeff Danziger, you have no black friends. And the one you thought you had hates you even more now.

I am willing to consider the possibility that the 'cartoon' idea came about because the black alleged friend really does hate Condoleezza Rice. But why? Because she's smart? Because she's accomplished? Because she's powerful & not a fat-self-promoting-star-making-fawning-poser (more on Oprah in another post)? Because she has the ear of the President of The United States of America? Because she's black? Or because you are?


Blogger A Red Mind in a Blue State said...

Thanks for citing my site-- I appreciate it! Your comments hit the issue right on the head, with humor and perception.

If you get arrested carving your initials on Sen. Dayton's door, ask for a hearing before Election Day. Let's see if he comes back to D.C. to testify against you!! And if you need bail, let us know!

Thanks again--great site!

3:27 PM  

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