Friday, October 29, 2004

"Thank you to those Brave American Soldiers...

...who have given and risked their lives to make us all safer. Welcome home Andy, Lee, Liz and Brian. Be safe Danny. If we had not emboldened terrorists and terrorist nations through failure to act (attack of the USS Cole Oct. 12, 2000) the US may have never been attacked on 9/11. (See 9/11 report 6.3.) The task of removing Saddam Hussein, the world's greatest architect of terror and genocide, was considered essential by virtually every democrat and world leader. Once the mission got tough they walked away as if they never heard of Iraq. The crash of the tech driven NASDAQ, the corporate scandals of Enron, World Com, Tyco and Adelphia, and even the tragedy of 9/11 impact us all today but were in progress, enabled, and in the case of 9/11 conspired during the 90s and 2000. (NASDAQ Mar. 10, 2000 - 5048, Nov. 25, 2000 - 2597, a 3.4 trillion dollar decline triggering the loss of millions of jobs over the next 2 years.)
Thank you to the corporations that have valued and retained their employees in the face of horrific obstacles. Consider the number of highly skilled jobs lost should we legislate the importation of drugs from Canada. Why do Medicare rates go up? What I found is that we are all responsible in part. (According to the Washington Post Sept. 23, 1999, Amy Goldstein, Elderly Face Health Care Increase "crucial to ensuring that Medicare does not run out of money early in the next century." Source: Government analysis) ...following the detection of 69.5 billion dollars of Medicare fraud the prior four years, source, HPAA96)
John Kerry, a man of greater vocabulary than principle, is well aware of these facts. He recklessly hurls promises and blame in a selfish attempt to satisfy his imagined birthright of absolute entitlement. He's lived a life of manipulation where the consequences of his actions have negatively impacted the lives of others far more than himself. But, alas, he has a plan. The same plan he has had for over 30 years. Shame on Michael Moore for his hatred of America and disortion of truth to benefit himself. Never forget those and the families of those who were murdered on 9/11. Never forget what our police forces and fire departments did that day and continue to do. Never forget what we all felt when we watched the Towers fall. Let us be vigilant, but do not allow those who wish us harm to deter us from living our lives to the fullest.
Thanks - Mark"

reprinted from a paid advertisement - Minneapolis StarTribune - 10/29/04

*The contents of this essay/advertisement do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the blogger.* -Sara Thomas


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