Thursday, October 28, 2004

This is just disgusting...

If it is true that some group is calling voters in CO, stating that thier loved one has died in the war, and then that 'this is what will happen if you don't vote for carrie' then the campaign has sunk to lows that I only imagined in my nightmares.

Whether or not the folks getting those calls even have loved ones serving overseas, that is a vile, despicable thing to say. Just sell your damn souls to Satan and be done with it.

I cannot fucking believe those people.


Blogger A Red Mind in a Blue State said...

I'm a Republican-- but when I hear outrageously stupid things like this (from either side) I can't help but think that 1) somebody is really stupid; or 2) somebody is really smart.

Smart? Because it calls to mind the old joke:

A Republican & a Democrat are talking about how they influence people in their daily lives.

The Democrat says, whenever I take a cab, I always give a huge tip & tell the driver, "Vote Democratic".

The Republican replies "I do something similar. Whenever I take a cab, I give a tiny tip, and tell the driver "Vote Democratic!".

If those calls are being made, the idiot making the call should know they're going to backfire-- so who's really making the calls? I just hope its a dumb Democrat and not some "smart" Republican.

2:13 PM  

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