Thursday, October 07, 2004

This is late, but...

Here is the VP debate transcript.

Cheney: It's important to look at all of our developments in Iraq within the broader context of the global war on terror.

He's right. It is important to look at world events & the US role in them in a global, historical, and political context. Small, narrow, limited thinking is dangerous.

Cheney: The effort that we've mounted with respect to Iraq focused specifically on the possibility that this was the most likely nexus between the terrorists and weapons of mass destruction... The biggest threat we faced today is the possibility of terrorists smuggling a nuclear weapon or a biological agent into one of our own cities and threatening the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

And do not think for one minute that they wouldn't do this.

Edwards: We need a fresh start. We need a president who will speed up the training of the Iraqis...

IMO, this could be dangerous. Better to have deliberate, thorough training than to rush unprepared men into volatile situations. The men are already stepping up & their willingness to work on behalf of their own country should not be rewarded by shining them on with slipshod, hurried training.

Edwards: Mr. Vice President, there is no connection between the attacks of September 11th and Saddam Hussein.

You are missing the point. You all are. Please go to your dictionary & look up "harboring."

Cheney: You're not credible on Iraq because of the enormous inconsistencies that John Kerry and you have cited time after time after time during the course of the campaign. Whatever the political pressures of the moment requires, that's where you're at. But you've not been consistent, and there's no indication at all that John Kerry has the conviction to successfully carry through on the war on terror.

They are a couple of prom queen wannabe's who will say whatever they have to to appeal to whoever they are trying to appeal to at the time.


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