Saturday, October 09, 2004

You can't have it both ways...

or at least you shouldn't.

Carrie's idea of building an international coalition to deal with terrorism (ignoring the fact that one exists) on one hand, while on the other hand insisting that 'tax loopholes' that apparently 'entice' American companies to move jobs overseas must be eliminated seems hypocritical to me. Kerry plans to ask other nations to share with us the effort to defeat terrorism- worldwide terrorism, I would hope- but he also plans to eliminate the ability of citizens of other nations to earn a living working for an American company.

I realize that accessing theoretically cheaper overseas labor does not necessarily translate into lower consumer costs for me. Still, I do not begrudge a person from India or China or somewhere else making a living.

And I still think that it is at the very least insulting to ignore the contributions of the nations that have joined US efforts in Iraq. At worst, it could be dangerous. They may not choose to stand with us should we need them again.

I am uncomfortable with the policies that Carrie describes. My mind was made up long ago, that decision was never in question. What worries me is the thought of this person coming into such a position of power based on the ignorance and or naivete of my fellow countrymen.


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