Thursday, November 11, 2004

Ah, screw it...

if I can't bitch in this forum, then where the hell can I bitch?

Bitch-fest to follow. You've been warned.

I am sick and tired of living my life by someone else's whims. Spouse's boss (company owner) is a goddamn flake and that has had multiple adverse effects on spouse, on my life & the lives of our kids.

Spouse can't take a goddamn day off of work to attend to familial responsibilities without the nepotistic front office having a fucking fit. Spouse routinely put in unpaid & unappreciated extra time to attend to boss's fanciful whims and stroke his goddamn ego leaving me to of course carry the ball and kids to never have their dad at any of their significant events.

And this is no major medical breakthrough type firm. This is a small company serving a small niche market. What really burns my ass is that spouse actually liked the place when he started. It was different from other firms he'd worked with, more creative freedom, more responsibility, more input. He put up with a flighty, high maintenance, pie in the fucking sky owner and his health suffered because of it.

Life is too goddamn short to have to sell your fucking soul for a paycheck. Every Dilbert cartoon should not look just like your own fucking life.

This mercurial jackass gets a hair up his ass about one idea or another & spouse is the one who has to twist himself into knots to try to make it happen. I swear to God, the whole fucking family (small family owned company) actually makes Mark Dayton look stable.

Yeah, that kind of flake.

You'll notice, I am not naming names, though I wish to fuck I would. I guess it's fortunate that the company is too fucking small and specialized to matter much in the scheme of things. No one's heard of it outside of their hostages, I mean, customers.

I don't know what the fuck is holding me back, either.

There are no bridges left to burn.

I need a fucking drink.

Goddamn those people. Motherfuckers.


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