Tuesday, November 23, 2004

More food for thought from Red...

Red Mind, I mean.

I have to disagree with this post about Target & the SA.

First of all, most people who shop at Target will not necessarily change their habits just because SA bellringers are no longer allowed outside the doors every day for a month, so there is really no need for the idea he proposes. Target will not need to recapture any lost customers by giving them & employees another avenue for charitable giving within the store. In my area at least, Target needs to kick some customers out because it is too damn crowded this time of year either way. If some leave in search of a bell ringer, then so much the better for those who plan to shop.

There is no dearth of bell ringers, either. I am not saying that the SA won't miss the volume of passers by without the one-every-five-miles Target locations, I am just saying that I still see bell ringers lots of places- even high volume places- so the SA still has a shot at reaching its goals for the year.

I am going out on a grinchy limb here and admitting that I can barely stand the bell ringing and begging that goes on this time of year either way. Everyone comes out of the woodwork with their important issues that need money. Half my mail is requests for donations & I can't shop anywhere without some charity or another seeking what's left in my wallet. Frankly, I'm glad to see the Target based bell ringers go, and I may actually do more of my shopping at Target for the next month as a result.

What Target should do is post its annual report at each entrance, or on the back of its receipts or something, so that shoppers can see how much of its profits go to charitable outlets. Then shoppers can see where some of their dollars are going & not feel obligated or guilty every time they need some tp or detergent for the next month.


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