Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Weighing in on some things...

Keep in mind that I'm only about 10% informed on these things, so my opinions may be completely off base. That has never stopped me before so here goes:

The 19 soldiers who refused their orders to deliver fuel because their trucks weren't armored should be sitting here in Ft. Leavenworth right now. Trials can come after combat operations have ceased, whenever there is time for thier fellow soldiers/witnesses, who were actually working, to be deposed or to testify. Yes, it is a serious thing to have life & limb at risk, but they enlisted & they need to do their damn jobs or be prosecuted for their refusal.

The marine who shot the injured but undead Iraqi man in Fallujah should be neither prosecuted, nor even second guessed on his judgement- especially not by our candy-assed media. I can only imagine what he & his fellows must face each day there on the front lines- booby-trapped bodies, for cryin' out loud. He used his judgement, and given the information that it seems he had to go on he was right. Get off his back.

I've had a lot on my mind and fortunately haven't had time to dwell on some of the imagery I've heard coming out of Iraq recently. A woman's body found, disemboweled & wrapped in a bloody blanket. Disemboweled. Was she alive when the psychotic hell-bound vermin did that to her? Was she somebody's mother? Who misses her? Surely there must be a special pit in hell for such that did that to her.

Margaret Hassan, videotaped being shot to death by the psychotic hell-bound vermin who stole her. She was trying to help! She had spent most of her adult life T-R-Y-I-N-G T-O H-E-L-P!!! Who exactly were they trying to affect by murdering her? Whose favor are they trying to get? What did they hope to accomplish by taking her in a violent act of force, parading her before cameras, causing her whole charity organization to abandon her and the entire area & leave, and then by making a sick snuff film of her murder??? Are there really virgins in hell?

A photograph found in an alleged hideout, along with a weapons cache. Six women in it, thought to be translators, thought to be marked for death. WHY ARE THOSE SICK DEMONIC MANIACS EVEN THERE???

Oh, this whole thing makes me sick. I am so sick of those people. The President was right. This is not a 'war' that can be 'won.' Those people and their rage will burn in Hell. I just hope that our brave ones can send them there.


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