Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The entire editorial staff of the Minneapolis StarTribune appears to be heading toward suicide.

Seasonal use of Prozac might be appropriate in this case.

Editorial: Solstice/Doesn't it seem darker this year?
December 21, 2004

...the darkness has seemed somehow darker as it swallows streaming taillights and enforces the boundaries of streetlamp pools... the dark has seemed to linger not just longer but more heavily in the low spots, and under the shrubs.

This editorial then launches into a couple of paragraphs lumping everyone into their malaise. It's political, they say, and we are all suffering.

Speak for yourselves, guys.

No matter which presidential candidate you favored, that campaign was like six months of rotten weather

Only for the losers. Some of us found it exhilarating. At least interesting.

No matter how you feel about the justifications for war in Iraq, almost every day demonstrates a steady, downward progress.

Get over yourself. Nobody loves war. Nobody wants to go to war. And nobody sits around relishing the blood. Except our enemies.

No matter your niche in this economy, it seems to be tottering like Humpty Dumpty.

And the wobbling started well before our president took office. The first time. The economy is cyclical.

And then they call us all stupid: matter what side you take on any of these questions, really, you can't help but note the fading of informed expression...

Now they try to explain their funk:

Perhaps this general retreat from reason enhances susceptibility to the influences of seasons and solar cycles.

Try the Prozac. And go outside once in a while.


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