Thursday, December 02, 2004

Get off Target's back & get out your damn plastic.

In 1946, Target Corporation, headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, became a founding member of the "Five Percent Club," a landmark movement encouraging U.S. corporations to commit five percent of federally taxable income to support community nonprofits. As a result of our commitment to sustained community giving, the Target Foundation was established.

In keeping with our strong tradition of giving, Target Corporation will give over $2 million every single week to the communities we serve.

This is in addition to supporting the United Way, the Red Cross, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, community based organizations serving the areas where individual Target stores are located, and The Salvation Freaking Army.

Target shoppers using their store credit cards can designate a portion of their receipts to go to the school of their choice- the school will get a check from Target based on the amount shoppers spend who designate the school of their choice. My kids' school does this.

Target gives. You can find bellringers elsewhere. You can look up the SA yourself & call & ask where to send a check. You can get off your ass & volunteer your time as well, rather than smugly feel good about the couple of bucks you stuff in the bucket one month a year.

Maybe some of Target's merchandise is priced a little higher than other discount department stores or other grocers, maybe they are a little pretentious with some of their clothing lines, but they do give. It is a corporation that makes & gives money.

Minneapolis Star Tribune December 2, 2004
The American Family Association, a Christian activist group based in Tupelo, Miss., this week sent an "action alert" to more than 2.2 million people on its mailing list, alerting them to Target's decision.
While not calling for a boycott of Target, the association asked its members to consider shopping at retailers that support the Salvation Army -- such as Target's chief rival, Wal-Mart, which allows bell-ringers at its stores as an exception to its own no-solicitation policy.

I italicized a couple of phrases in the above passage. "Christian activist group?" War, hunger, violence, terrorism... and this is all they got? Shopping?

And there is a reason my father's family left Mississippi. Let's just leave it at that.


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