Thursday, December 16, 2004

"...there aren't a lot of completely satisfactory answers when you're fighting a war"

David Reinhard, Newhouse News Service December 16, 2004:
"That is the way war and insurgencies and combat operate," Rumsfeld added. "You go in, you have an enemy with a brain that does things, and then you make adjustments. Does everything happen instantaneously as the brain in the enemy sees things and makes changes? No, it doesn't happen instantaneously."

I'm really exhausted today, and I guess I am also sick of hearing from 'armchair generals' who think they know how to run a war. The situation in Iraq sucks. No doubt. Each life lost is a tragedy. War is ugly, messy, painful, and bloody. But anyone who thinks the US could just perk along forever without ever entering into another war is living in a dreamworld.

Chattanooga Times Free Press reporter Edward Lee Pitts planted Spc. Thomas Wilson's question to Rumsfeld. Just when you think you've witnessed a frank and useful -- almost All-American -- exchange between soldier and secretary, the story's aftershocks hit. Not only was the Pitts/Wilson question a setup, but Rumsfeld's critics used the occasion for their ritualistic bashing of the secretary.

Rumsfeld explained that last month he ordered that armored Humvees guarding the Pentagon be sent to Iraq. The military was acquiring 450 armored Humvees a month -- up from 15 a month in the fall of 2003 when insurgents began using roadside bombs. It has 6,000 of the 8,000 up-armored Humvees needed.

In brief, the military was addressing this before the Pitts/Wilson question.

You can read this guy's whole opinion piece here, if you like.

Unless you have something better to do right now.

Like take a nap.


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