Thursday, December 30, 2004

Veruka touches a nerve...

in this post. I can see where she's coming from, and frankly, it happens so often that I have little or no reaction to it anymore. The 'it' I refer to is the msm bias toward whites. White tragedy, however small & insignificant in the larger scheme of things is more relevant to readers/viewers/audiences than some far away 'colored' people's tragedy. When you're poor and brown your life is hanging by a thread anyway & who wants to hear about that?

I really did appreciate when Ted Coppel apologized for his network's decision to put the story of the unfolding nightmare in Congo on the back burner for so long. I didn't think it was his fault entirely. The whole attitude is pervasive, so much so that most folks are probably like me- hardly even aware of it anymore.

Still, in this situation, I have to confess that it really is too huge for my comprehension. 114,000 dead? How am I supposed to comprehend that? I can intellectualize it, compare it to knowns in my daily life, but I can't really, can't deeply, can't honestly comprehend it.

And the numbers, the estimates keep going up. Exponentially.

I am in fatigue, tragedy fatigue. And I am so completely & utterly sick of those who are using this tragedy to complain about politicians', nations', and organizations' responses. This is a gigantic, staggeringly huge human tragedy & numbers, dollars can't possibly begin to define it.

And I have even heard of the small, whiny, petulant complaints about the president's public response. Perhaps he spent time in prayer on his ranch in Crawford, not publicly blathering about a horror of such magnitude. Perhaps more of us should do so.

Update: If you have the stomach for it, which I really don't, you might want to look at these photos posted by Jim at Right Thoughts. He wrestled with the decision whether or not to post these pictures of the reality of this tragedy. The photos show several dozen victims, maybe one hundred or so are visible. Multiply that.

Jim struggled with the decision whether to post these photographs, and ultimately decided to share with all some of the reality. Political posturing be damned.

Strong backs & shovels, backhoes & operators, clean water & some food. Then we can worry about houses & hotels. My God.


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