Monday, January 03, 2005

Contemporary Christian music & my guilty pleasure...

...South Park. Which I haven't watched much in the last, oh, two years or so because the charm kind of wore off. It was f***ing funny the first few times I watched it, but the whole Mr. Hanky thing (among others) started to drag.

So last week when I happened to see an episode of Cartman betting Stan he could get a platinum record sooner by making contemporary Christian music I ended up watching & laughing my ass off (quietly, the kids were in bed) cause it was true.

So much of that music just sucks that it is a joke, a bad joke. I always kind of thought that the artists probably meant well, but nobody had the heart to tell them they sucked. Watching that episode actually made me wonder!

Logic Monkey got some music as a gift by a group called Low. Says it's pretty good, especially compared to most of the crap that's out there. His post made me chuckle, thinking about that SP episode. Wonder if he watched it.


Blogger the Logic Monkey said...

Yeah, I did. Spent my time watching South Park and that dang Twilight Zone marathon on Sci-fi- I refuse to pay for Time-Warner cable, so I get sucked in when I go to my parents' house.

4:53 AM  

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