Thursday, January 27, 2005

Hmmm, an interesting post at What-tha?

This post at What-tha? struck me as seeming to offer some input that may tie together a couple of my recent posts, about Hilary Clinton and political posturing/scheming. I didn't actually use the term *scheming* in my post about political posturing, but I do think it might apply in the situation Martyr reports.

Martyr (as always, thank you for digging) points out that 13 senators voted against Dr. Rice's confirmation, two senators didn't vote, and one that I know I thought would have voted against her did, in fact, vote to confirm Dr. Rice. Interesting. And yeah, I am suspicious. Hilary Clinton has never struck me as the type who would cut a sister any slack.


Blogger Martyr73 said...

Scheming... That is the perfect word to describe what is happening with Hillary Clinton. Everything she does is motivated by what she wants and how her actions will affect the likelyhood of her getting what she wants. She is an extremely intelligent woman but unfortunately she can't be trusted because it's all about power. She and her husband both are motivated by the acquisition of power. That's dangerous.

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