Thursday, January 27, 2005

Political posturing & profile...

Not long after fellow democrats in the senate failed to defend or join in Mark Dayton's decision to close his DC office prior to the presidential election, his fellow democrats in the senate appear to be giving him reign & profile in the prescription drug cost arena.

I know that prescription drug costs for seniors has been his *pet issue* at home in MN. I have been less aware of how much profile or influence that issue has brought him outside of his home state. I do know that his perceived panic prior to the presidential election got him some not so flattering national press.

I don't understand why a person who is widely considered in many circles to be a flake is being given leadership on any national issue at this point. Sympathy? Is there some kind of protocol for incumbents? No matter how vulnerable their seat really is, rather than finding a viable substitute & convincing the flake to fly home, they give him an issue. Go figure.

He can't afford to bankroll his campaign again this time, & I am not sure how much fundraising leverage he actually has, though I know there are many democrats out there with more money than sense, so who knows. What I do know is bug-eyed, sweaty kids from *special class* shouldn't be in the Senate.


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