Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I don't particularly like yippy dogs, but this is just taking things too far...

Woman sentenced for killing neighbor's dog
Associated Press
March 23, 2005
NAPLES, Fla. -— A woman has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for killing her neighbor's Chihuahua with a shotgun, telling the dog's owner she was horribly frightened by the pooch.
Wanda Ziglar, 49, of Golden Gate, pleaded no contest Tuesday to one felony count of animal cruelty. Senior Judge Jack Schoonover agreed to withhold a formal finding of guilt of the charge.
Ziglar was arrested July 31 after admitting she shot and killed the dog, which belonged to her then-neighbor, Marisol Olegnichar. Ziglar told deputies the Chihuahua repeatedly wandered into her yard.
She said in court that she grabbed a shotgun and fired two warning shots into the air to try to scare off the dog.
"I was scared by the dog. It came out from behind my garbage can,'' said Ziglar.
The dog's owner told Ziglar that she didn't believe her.
"There's no way a 2-pound dog was going to scare you,'' Olegnichar said.

No, but it might annoy the hell out of you.

The thing is, I can accept death.

Absolutely, I can accept it. Otherwise I might not be able to function in a world where people beat babies to death with a stick. Or pay someone to suck them out of their mothers with a tube.

Anyway, I am not horrified by the Terri Schiavo case because I can't accept the fact of her eventual death. Of course I can.

I am horrified, but not terribly surprised, that so many people in the position to affect the case think that a feeding tube, Ensure, and TPN are 'extraordinary measures.' (I don't know that she actually receives Ensure or TPN. Both can be given to persons with feeding or nutrition problems.)

I am especially nauseated by the thought that some think that brain damage = terminal illness. That poor woman isn't dying of some organic disease. She's brain damaged.

Since when is swallowing a lower function than breathing? Or a heartbeat?

Saturday, March 19, 2005

If you are going to get sick, you'd better hope it kills you.

Or have a living will, no matter how young & healthy you think you are.

Depending on how your next of kin feels about it, they don't have to feed you.

Or give you water.

And the courts will back them up.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Heads up from Hell.

I like the way this man thinks. And I am grateful as hell for what he is doing.

Don't make me have to pull a Fahrenheit 451 on your ass.

You don't pull a gun on the fireman who resues you from your burning house. That's just rude. And if you do, you'd better pray you get the nice fireman, cause Chris at Dangerous Logic don't play that crap.

Where in the heck have I been.

Nowhere interesting, I'm afraid. Just busy. A good busy, I suppose. Still, I feel out of it- less aware of what is going on around me that I can't see, for while I haven't been blogging, I haven't been reading blogs either.
Time to get caught up!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know"

This series of posts at What-tha was very moving to read all at once, and they got me thinking. I belong to a small church, not a nutty one, just a small suburban congregation that has sent 3 members off; two of them to Iraq, one in the same company that Shoshanna Johnson belonged to. He didn't get kidnapped though, thank God. In fact he's home & doing well.

The story of Shoshanna Johnson & her fellow POWs horrified and worried me when it broke. I was initially worried, of course, but became quickly more so when I saw the pictures of the missing. I had not expected one of them to have skin like mine.

In this post, Martyr at What-tha describes seeing a photo of one of the returning servicemen. One of the dailies recently ran a very similar photo, of one of the men from our small congregation who'd just returned. It spoke volumes, the same that Martyr tried to convey so eloquently in his posts.

It is almost surreal. I can speak of & recall the feelings I had surrounding the POWs, I can share the helplessness & stoicism of the families & friends I have who have sons, husbands, and brothers overseas. I can proudly send off & gratefully welcome home (which we did, last fall) my own b-i-l from his deployment. Yet I also bitch about traffic, sports, gas prices, my kid's homework, my own homework, my job, spouse's job, my dogs... I don't feel like I am sacrificing anything. So much burden rests on the shoulders of so few.

The line quoted in the title of this post came from here. It was spoken by "John Garcia, secretary of New Mexico Veterans Affairs, [who] thanked Johnson for her courage and bravery." She had spoken at UNM's student union in late January of this year.

I'm glad that my b-i-l and Martyr's b-i-l are home safe.