Friday, April 29, 2005

Blogger etiquitte.

Etiquette stresses me out. I believe I am capable of initial politeness. It's the reciprocal stuff that confuses me. Blogging just makes it worse. What exactly is blogger etiquette? Is there a standard?
Some questions:
How long do you leave a seemingly inactive blog on your blogroll? Especially if you really liked it in its day?

Must one reciprocate each blogroll-listing one comes across? Or that is brought to one's attention?

How big a deal is de-rolling someone? I am sure that overall it is a meaningless gesture, like boycotting Chevrolet or something like that, but should some explanation be given? Especially if the de-roll-ee is an, um, lesser-read blog.

Some of this comes about because of something I read on another blog or two. Something about blogdom being 'clique-ish' and that particular blogger wanting to opt out of it. What went through my mind was, "Well, duh." Of course it's clique-ish. You start a blog, you read other blogs that you like, and most often because you share some opinions, you blogroll them & maybe correspond through comments, posts or email. Sometimes you try to come up with a blatant ploy to get invited to their block parties & maybe even a ride on their friend's boat. Whatever.

Anyway. I am still pretty much the most unsophisticated blogger I am aware of. I'm working on it, though. Well, okay, I'm not- cut me some slack. I'm busy.


This is part of my problem. I start out with some kind of intention, which was to incorporate this link into a post, and then I get wrapped up in some etiquitte crap & forget why I was even here. I'll have to explain the link later, when I can clear my head. All thanks go to Chris, though.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

This school board thing is getting more & more political.

Naive? Maybe I am in some ways. In many ways.
I knew this running for the board seat thing would be political. The only reason it's such a big issue is because the school is small & new & the parent community is extremely invested in it & equally committed to their own positions & opinions.
There are factions in the parent community, and discussion has been started about who the healthiest candidates are from the "faction" I am most aligned with.
I am more than willing to bow out just to give a healthier more viable candidate a better shot. We've gotta get somebody in there or the current people may self destruct & take the school with them. And I gotta tell ya, I love my girls but no way am I homeschooling them just because their school's board took the whole thing belly up.

Friday, April 15, 2005

So I'm over at Dangerous Logic...

smiling, trying not to laugh out loud because even though Fridays are really quiet here at work, I'm not completely alone. Anyway, despite what happened, I'm not a complete idiot.

I'm reading today's post, I mean, yesterday's post and it's funny. And it includes a link to an archived post. So I go. And I've gotta read the tag line twice.

Ok, three times.

It was funny, once I got it, & I did allow myself a self-conscious little chuckle. I'm alone in my office & apparently I embarrassed myself by myself because I didn't get it immediately. Chris's humor can sometimes be a bit over my head... I got the Matrix reference on the first try, though.

Like I said. I'm not an idiot.

But he did have a reason...

for stealing a dead guy's head.

Youth pleads innocent to head theft

April 14, 2005

HYDE PARK – A Morrisville teenager is being held on $100,000 bail after pleading not guilty to charges he raided a tomb in a cemetery and removed the head of the corpse.

Court documents said the suspect allegedly talked of using the man's head as a "bong," a pipe for smoking marijuana.

Well, what the heck? That makes sense.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Some changes...

I really have no excuse. It's been mostly laziness that has kept me from blogging in recent weeks. I've even seen, read, or heard stuff but haven't taken the time to blog on it & of course have now forgotten whatever it was.
Nonetheless, some changes may be happening. I recall, I think it was Scott at Right Moment, addressing the issue of possibly needing to discontinue his blog at some point after completing his degree.
I'm not as close to completing this degree (next year) or entering a master's program (2007, if I decide to do it), but I am running for a seat on my daughters' school board. The language alone in this blog could make things unpleasant for my girls, and would certainly render me unelectable, even to a small school board. The expressed political opinions would probably shut the whole effort down.
It's tough. I don't want to pretend to be something I'm not, or deny a part of myself (namely my big mouth), but I also really think that I could do some good for the girls' school program at the board level. I wouldn't have considered running if I didn't think so. I don't want this outlet to shoot that effort in the foot.
Since Tony at Red Mind has reported extensively on the corruption in the Roslyn school district, I find my school board aspirations to be kind of funny. I am running in part because I think the current (appointed, not elected) board is a bit out of control & could use some perspective. My kids' district definately ain't got the kind of money that'll support a Roslyn level of corruption, though.
Wonder if there's any way to turn this blog into a "my kids' school board is crazy" blog, possibly from an insider's point of view? We'll have to see...