Friday, May 20, 2005

Why not Hilary?

A while back I posted about a bizarre encounter I had in one of my classes regarding the possibility of Hilary Clinton as this country's first female president. A couple of really funny recent posts I've read speak to that same subject.

Wicked Thoughts shares a joke about what she might do to get there (mean & funny!) here.

A Red Mind... shares a joke about why it won't happen either way (do not have liquid in your mouth funny) here.

Woman president in my lifetime? Not going to happen.
Hilary as that woman? So not going to happen.


Blogger Christine said...

The sad thing is, a lot of women would vote for Hillary, just because she's a woman, AND a Democrat.

If she did get elected, I'd start looking into dual citizenship and scurry off to Italia. They always need English teachers, right?

6:30 AM  

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