Thursday, June 02, 2005


You know what gets me about Roborant? On May 31 he posts that his posting will be light for the next few days, he's got to wrap up a bunch of stuff at work (*snort* - he should see my desk), but his next post will be about this interesting book he picked up at an estate sale, Generation of Vipers.
His next post is the very next day & it is a detailed, well written report on & critique of that over 300 page book.
And here I am, in the same boat (just gave notice at my job as well) & trying to figure out what to blog about the Pearls Before Swine cartoon I saw 3 months ago.
I'm pathetic.
Roborant rocks.


Blogger Rob said...

Sure is nice of you to say so. Actually, I was up until about one in the morning polishing that entry up - but I had finished reading the book over the long weekend and had a good long think about it while walking the dog.

Notice that today's entry is lame... :)

3:01 PM  

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