Friday, August 19, 2005

The media makes a darling...

that we are expected to believe in, sympathize with and excuse for stating all matters of lunacy that the media refuses to inform the public of.

I am referring to Cindy Sheehan.

If she is such a sympathetic creature, and if her whole family is "on her side," then why is her husband filing for divorce?

My problem is not with her, perse. I do not know if grief is driving her recent actions and statements, or if she is using the death of her adult son to justify and draw attention to her political views and opinions. All I know is that a brief perusal of private news sources brought to my attention a whole host of statements accredited to her during her recent roadside stay near the president's ranch that appear to have little to do with grief, loss or her eldest son.

What I am coming to resent most is how our major media outlets, our daily newspapers, our local network affiliate news broadcasts & our network newcasts themselves continually edit and censor the very individuals they select as newsworthy. They do not treat her and her opinions as 'news,' they treat it all as if she is just a character in their story. *News* I would think, should include all sides. Perhaps the *reporter* edits for length, but not for content. The *reporter* attempts to include dialogue or describe actions that cover all angles & represent all statements, while making every effort, effort the *reporter* should be trained to make, to avoid the inclusion of bias.

To read the StarTribune's angle, Cindy Sheehan is a sorrowful grieving mother. To view CBS's angle, she is being caught up in a groundswell of emotion and opinion fueled by her humble request for an audience to her grief.

She is not a person who would infantilize her adult son and prostitute her grief, allowing opinion-mongers to use it to further their objectives.

We are only supposed to see the grieving mother. Do not look behind the curtain.

Update: Read Gerard Vanderleun's real take on this woman. When I read the first line, "IT ALL BEGAN AS IT TOO OFTEN DOES, WITH THE BARREN MAUREEN DOWD searching out still more ideological children who were not cats." I settled in. Another good read.


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