Saturday, August 27, 2005

Political Lesbianism.

Jane Evershed, Minneapolis artist, poet and writer wrote an interesting editorial article that appeared in the StarTribune on August 20, 2005.

I believe that in I've found a local political lesbian.

She, in her first sentence, used the phrase "global male rule." She goes on to actually blame Cindy Sheehan for the loss of her son because Sheehan failed to teach him "from a very young age" not to join the Army. "How," she asked, "was Sheehan to recognize the evil that lurked as sanity on her doorstep?"

That "evil" as she defined it, was the "...patriarchal systems [that] find it very easy to goad our children into their world of mayhem and killing as if it were quite normal."

I got news, lady. It is normal. It is unfortunate, but it is "normal." Interestingly, the families, mothers actually, that I have known whose young sons enlisted right out of high school did not "let" it happen. Their children made informed, articulate decisions on their own. Because they were adults. Young adults, yes, but no longer children looking to mom and dad- believe it or not lots of youth get & even seek advice and guidance from their dads.

"At one time Sheehan had complete control over her son's future when he was growing up. The patriarchal system stole him from her long before he died. "

Ah. I see. Become pregnant, get rid of the father because he is probably already a part of the "system [that] steal[s] children's minds and take[s] them away for purposes that serve only the elitist military agenda", & indoctrinate your male children against any inclination toward aggression, (you can relax on the girl children because according to this Minneapolis artist and poet it must be inherent in females to recognize and follow "the way of peace" & women apparently have a built in "sense of reverence for all life" that males must be taught). (Young).

"Women must teach peace to their children" (we can't count on their dads for this) "and educate them about the agenda of global patriarchy and the means by which they achieve it."

I did not find the article to include much information about those "means." Nonetheless, watch out all you dads out there. We're on to you.


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