Sunday, October 09, 2005

No, I'm not dead.

My house wasn't uprooted by an errant tornado & deposited somewhere in Kansas.

I didn't cut my hair, board a Greyhound, and walk around oblivious for the last month.

I'm just busy. I've vowed not to blog at work (cool new job, started early last month), and I've found it really tough to make time to blog at home and to make myself blog the topics that come up. I've missed several in the last few weeks.

We did see my b-i-l off late last month. His deployment ceremony was held on the 28th and he left the next day. He takes this responsibility very seriously and had a lot to do in preparation to leave his civ life behind for up to 18 months. He gave his most fragile nephew, my son, his old field jacket with the name they share stitched over the right chest. And he found time to buy his youngest niece, my little girl, a birthday present weeks in advance. And in her favorite color. Purple.


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