Friday, January 20, 2006

The "Plantation" remark...

I usually ignore the political pandering to my race. I don't attend the rallies or speeches, I gloss over the quotes in the paper, I don't engage in conversations with supporters. It irritates me, but through avoidance I don't let it get to me.

I heard & was offended by Hilary Clinton's "...the house is run like a plantation, and you all know what I mean" remark.

No, Hilary. I don't know what you mean. Why don't you explain yourself, eloquently, like you did with the Tammy Wynette remark so many years ago, instead of letting the party's handlers send your lone Black colleague out to try to smooth things over?

Not that I care what you think. Because You. Don't. Represent. Me. Nor do you speak for me, nor can you speak to me, nor to my cultural experience and history. How dare you hijack an experience unique to my race to further your personal ambitions and objectives. The house is run like a plantation? What, are some representatives forced to do the bidding of others with the fear of the lash or the noose as their motivator?

Frankly, I'm not seeing that level of coercion on the telecasts.

I do appreciate that she's proving my point as she's trying to capitalize on her whoremonger husband's appeal to some segments of Black society as a means to curry favor. I don't see the tactic working as well for her. The woman lacks appeal.


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